Active inspiration



This is ME, Amber Garibay, telling YOU to get out and GO!!!! I am going to the gym today (5:30) to inspire my readers to keep at it!!!

Anthony is nearly 300 pounds, but he made it into the gym for the first time a few days back. He is Fat and FEARLESS!!!! I hope you will follow his story and mine!!

The Life You Live is a CHOICE: choose to GO!!!


I realised something recently. There are a number of people speaking and writing inspirational/motivational words and I think as much as I need to listen to it, I also need to stop listening. Here’s the thing about motivational talk. It is wonderful, inspiring and makes you believe you can be and do anything. I am always intrigued by people’s stories about overcoming obstacles overcome obstacles in order to achieve their personal best. This is inspiring because over the past couple of months, I have been seeking self-motivation. It’s enough wake up in the morning, be charged and ready to go. The problem comes when you are always “ready to go” but you never actually go. This is where I find the problem lies. We might be spending too much time being inspired instead of inspiring ourselves to go out there and do it!

It’s a new year and a lot…

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