Dear Sexy in Olympia,

I changed the name on your contact so I could post this text because I think it is the BEST IDEA EVER and I would LOVE to be the photographer!!!!! Get a group of THREE girls together and I will book a 3/4/120 sale for you.


PRICE: $120 per person/ at least three people per group.

I will book out six hours for wardrobe changes, the session itself, and for your picture premier. YOU WILL SEE AND ORDER THAT DAY WHILE WE DRINK WINE!!!!!!!! (wine is not included). It will be a SEXY PORTRAIT PARTY!!! You leave with images in hand.

Each paid participant will receive their favorite THREE, polished professional portraits, with printing rights on disc (additional purchase options available). 

Don’t have enough for a party? Book an “It’s all about YOU: self portrait session. The next sale at A Smile Like Yours is on Wednesday, Jan 23rd 2013!!

It’s all about YOU: self portrait session SALE $120 Update your profile pictures on facebook!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE TO BOOK- ONE DAY ONLY Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 

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