I am best known for my newborn photography, which is to say that I have a knack for creating art with babies. My work is not only recognizable; it has earned national merit in professional competition. Not many people know that I originally earned a name for myself as a wedding photographer. I burst into the photography industry as, “one to watch,” after cleaning house at my first pro conference. I brought home three trophies that year, including a Kodak Gallery award. My wedding album submission earned me a “Western States Division” title, which is impressive because “Western States” competitions” are sanctioned by the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and the adjoining states are invited to enter. I was not just competing against the best of Washington; I was competing against the best of ALL the “Western States”, including California. My wedding album design and photography were awarded two pieces of glass, State and Western States, trophies. I taught myself photography and Photoshop by “Google Search” not even two years prior…

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