If a picture tells a story, let mine say that, because baby Zander is looking up and at two parents in this picture, both of which he will get to see each day because war is a chapter that they can now close by service to our country. I am forever grateful for those who are brave enough to serve in the military because I’m not that tough. Liz Hayes and her husband both completed their enlistments and are currently pursuing higher education so that they can give their son a life that does not include needing to be gone, or people trying to kill them.

I don’t watch TV anymore but yesterday I happened to catch footage on CNN while I was in the locker room at 24 Hour Fitness. I was literally standing there, half naked, when I realized what I was watching. I froze, mouth agape, while men and children frothed at the mouth convulsing. It looks like war is already in Syria and as to our impending involvement….. (or current)

For some war is behind us, and for others it is a fight like no other, but we are all connected to the horror of it until we look away from the world and sometimes we need to. Most times we need to. Most times we need to keep our eyes on the unit of our family because children are the key to the new future we hope for.

I don’t want to go to war. I don’t want to be at war. I don’t like that there is war. I don’t like that is a business and it is.

“War is a necessary evil (business)” says the analyst.

This image is meant to be sweet and I more than thought twice about the direction of the title and my thoughts to follow. I just feel that it should be noted that when I thank you for your service to our country I am doing so while imaging the detail of all sacrifice…. The missing of children and the ending of lives.

Thank you and welcome home.   This picture is one of many that I love.

—  feeling grateful with Yourfavorite Rooster and Liz Hayes.

One thought on “WAR IS BEHIND US

  1. From Proud & Grateful Mom/Gramma Terri in Ohio: “I thank you for the respect given to my son & daughter in law for their service to their country. I am so appreciative that you have have symbolized Baby Zander with their dogtags & recognized the beginning of their new lives & the better life Zander will have because of their bravery & service. Your photography & writing is the most beautiful & moving tribute for soldiers that I have seen. Thank you so much.
    Zander & parents… much love & respect from Ohio.

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