Amber Garibay is ROCKING her business!! Valentine’s Day is almost here and the ladies are already thinking about their men   I just booked another session, with a Leavenworth wedding to tie up this week as a win. Love wins every time. Ask any single person and they will tell you it sucks. Swallow that liberation. I did…”I want to give him something sexy, but not trampy. Something I wouldn’t mind him showing other people. Not that he would…
“Beauty should not be hidden. I’m going to put my fine ass up on a billboard if I can ever manage to bust out the dimples. #AmberGaribayneedstogetherasstothegym#longesthashtagever#thisisnottwitter
Vanity is the defeat of discretion, and most women are not vain. I think I look like a cartoon character. My face is odd and misshapen. Almost pretty… I am almost pretty.See, I can’t talk like that because people then start busting my balls (chicks with dicks are not pretty says judgement) about esteem (I don’t have a penis), and loving myself. F*ck that. I’d rather look like Adriana Lima and I have no plans of getting over that disappointment. As to love…I love myself enough to follow my dreams to the making. If you are interested in booking a session with me please give me a call.
This session will take the hour at a rate of $275, all images included with printing rights, no additional purchase required. Retouching (this is where I shine) is an optional add on. $30 per image to include one 8×10 print in accompaniment, as well as the retouched file for use and printing.
                                      More info & bookings. Visa and Mastercard welcome.

(360) 701.9204

Special thanks and credit to model and fitness representative, Jaimee Brink Bonagofski.  Jaimee will soon be working with me on the personal training side of things… This photo is one of her before images. I gave my notice to THE CORPORATION because I want to create personal training packages with the option of including portraits as inspiration to progress.

A Smile Like Yours: A PLACE FOR HAPPY

This post is dedicated to Kim Allen Overstreet.

“Thanks! and remember, it’s not others’ love that defines us. It is how we love ourselves.

Unsolicited bull sh*t advice for the day!

— feeling the love with Jaimee Brink Bonagofski and Yourfavorite Rooster.

Amber Garibay
The Adventures Of

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