My dearest Edith Reeves,
My friend, I have so much love for you, the you that is is different like me and the same, as me. YOU, the you who offered to take off your pants and hand them over because you had become too large and I had shrunk to a smaller that could be inspiring because it is tough. My smaller has muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all the scraps of a stray cat. You first knew of me when I was hissing pain, and you took me in just like you have any other stray. CAT… if only I wasn’t allergic I would visit you more, but then you have an arc. #NOAHHow lovely is that, and what could be more still? These gifts that you give, and yes, there is more. You gave me the blessing of meeting two parents who have, and will, love you endlessly, minus any connection of blood. Could you adopt me like that? In friendship that means forever because I want it too. The days can not replace your likeness, YOU, the you of my friend. #AmberGaribay

— with Edith Reeves and Yourfavorite Rooster.

Amber Garibay
The Adventures Of

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