Sherman may seem like a strange name for a puppy. The thing about Sherman is that he is not an ordinary puppy. No. Sherman is a twelve and by that we mean to say the at eight weeks old this little guy is already a BEAST! He’s going to be HUGE just like his name sake. The Richard Sherman. Little Sherman loves his Hawks like he loves his new family and BBQ! Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – Olympia, WA is his favorite place to be. There is nothing better than football, family, and ribs. Having a Seahawks party? Dickey’s offers catering too and I’ll let you in on a little secret, Sherman loves to visit his fans…

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Photographer: Amber Garibay
Studio: A Smile Like Yours Photography
Booking Inquiries: 360.701.9204
With Gratitude to Gina Young. Your friendship keeps me going.

feeling ready for some football!!! GO HAWKS!!

with Gina Young at A Smile Like Yours Photography.


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