I got to talk to an old friend today, by old I mean timeless. She started out as just a client and then her little son blew chunks all over my Brazilian Cherry hardwood. It was a mess. He was crying, she was covered in goo, and she was worried. Worried about my floor. “I’ll clean it up I promise!”

I laughed, already on hands and knees cleaning. “Baby puke is what I do! That’s why I make the big bucks.” Then I winked at her and said, “This is all just stuff. There is nothing more important than him.”

We washed him together in my kitchen sink. Lincoln, she named him Lincoln. Years later he decided he needed to take a dump in the middle of his sister’s picture session. He pulled his jeans down and went.


Poop on the pavement.

About a year later I was having a hell of a time in life. I got drunk on a bottle of red. The big one. I called up this friend and I cussed her out because I was hating life and missing her. I didn’t tell her that though. I told her she’s a terrible friend.

Today she told me she forgives me. “Amber, I am a woman that does what she’s supposed to do in life. I need someone with your spirit in my life. You live life in unusual and extraordinary ways. How could I ever let that go..”

We meet next week It’s been nearly a year.. I’ve missed her


Photographer: Amber Garibay

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