How many of you out there want to be recognized for something you are really good at?

Discovered. The word that comes to mind is discovered. “If only someone could see my potential. I know what I’m capable of. If only…”

I felt that way when I was a teenager. I was broken hearted because the show “Star Search” got canceled. My young mind locked around the permanent failure of believing that I had lost my one chance to be discovered.

“I guess I’ll just go get a job…”

I did get a job and it paid my bills just barely. I went to bed with tired swollen feet, smelling like food. The uniform looked like old lady curtains. A great many on staff were on work release, and then there were the few who were strung out on meth. Yet another came in on the regular beaten. She was always covered in bruises and we all knew why. There was no point in trying to convince her she could have different. Life was what it was. I was not meant to be discovered. I was meant to work a job.

Yeah.. F*ck that.

I’ve been on my own in business now for a decade. Freed from the shackles of hoping. I woke up this morning with a heart fully charged because I know that I can create every opportunity for myself and that includes discovery.

What do I want to be known for other than photography?

I want to be known for my business savvy and my plan includes talent far brighter than mine. This morning’s coffee conversation began like this, “As it stands now my capacity is limited. I can’t ethically take on business of volume because it could compromise the quality of the product. I want my business to be at the top and that does not mean by price. I want the best for my clients by value. Growth will take careful planning and patience. Today I need to focus on the business in front of me and only take on what I can execute at the highest level.”

The best is here. Look for more to come.

feeling wonderful at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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