You arrive to order your pictures and are blown away by how much you love them, “How am I ever going to decide?” There is a brief moment of grief because you don’t want to part with any of them and yet you must. You want to order them all, but you have a budget. It’s OK! We understand and we can help.

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Have you ever heard people say, “Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach?” The advice is given to help avoid impulsive choices. That same philosophy is true with photography. You will want to arrive to order pictures with a plan or you may very well end up ordering one of everything!
Choosing the perfect package is easy once you identify what you plan to do with the pictures and poses you intend to order. Ask yourself first, “Who do I want to send pictures to?” Make lists of friends and relatives that would enjoy the gift and what sizes you think they will prefer. You will then be able to choose a package accordingly.
Of course you will want to give pictures as gifts, but what about YOU!? We offer our clients the best of everything and that includes the opportunity to purchase from our fine art gallery collection. Look at your walls and imagine your portraits displayed as show stopping decorative art. Where would you like to hang your new display? Do you want to feature one artfully mastered portrait or does the space call for a collection or grouping? If you hadn’t considered a wall portrait previously, you will want to, and envisioning the space you will later enjoy will guide you in selection.
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We suggest you place your order based on what you need and have use for, but we also understand that you may just very well end up needing one of everything. We mentioned it in the beginning because it does happen and this blog is here to let you know that a session at A Smile Like Yours Photography does not need to break the bank. We will do everything we can to assist you in keeping to budget and we do want to know what it is. Our goal is to serve you best because that is what you deserve. Thank you for allowing this opportunity and business.
Katie Peterson River Ridge Yearbook

Photographer: Amber Garibay

Your Photographer’s Awards and Merits
  • 2007- Professional Photographers of Washington Best Portrait of a Child
  • 2007-  Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence (PPW)
  • 2007-  Best Album Design- Children  (PPW)
  • 2008-  Russ Clift Award for Best Mixed Competition Case (split entry) aggregate score – (must include such combinations as portrait/commercial or portrait/wedding, commercial/wedding or portrait/wedding/commercial)
  • 2008- Best Album Design- Wedding  Western States Division Winner Professional Photographers of America.
  • 2008- Associate Fellowship of Photography Recipient
  • 2008- Awarded the Lee Merrill Trophy
  • People’s Choice Award – The most popular entry as determined by the vote of PPW Members

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