“Don’t you feel like most people are looking for something?” She asked me while I sat contemplating her product.

I didn’t know about most people so I spoke for myself. “I know that I meet a lot of people who are struggling to make it.” I said shortly. “I know that I’ve been that person and that I don’t like it.”

She nodded. Her affirmation made me want to pry into the validity of her own success. “Have you made enough money with this product to quit your job?” I asked, remembering her original goal.

“No,” she admitted, though only briefly disappointed. “I’ve only been with the company for eight months though Amber, and I am telling you that I get weekly checks. It only took me two months before I got my car.”

I smiled, obviously jealous of her accomplishment, “Yes! They gave you a BMW didn’t they!”

“Yes,” she was electric.

“I want a car!” the charge had begun. If she could do it, so could I. “I want to earn a car in two months just like you did. How much does it take to buy in?”

“You can start with either $500 worth of product or $1,000. I bought in at $1,000.”

I sat there staring at her certain that I could do what she does, knowing that she would benefit by my buy in, but wondering if she believed she would.


“Great!” I was eager to get started. “Let’s schedule a photo shoot. How long has it been since you’ve had family pictures?” I asked her, trying to think back to the last time I had taken them. I am a professional photographer and small business owner. The woman I was considering partnering with, the woman with the product for sale, the woman with a fancy new BMW, is also one of my clients or at least she was seven years ago.

“It’s been seven years Amber. You were the last photographer we hired. We haven’t gotten pictures since, not professionally anyway. I kept wanting to lose weight and it never happened.”

“I see,” I was reverent to the loss of realizing that we would not be doing business together. “That is a shame because I think you might be onto something fabulous with that skin cream you are slinging. I’m willing to gamble with $1,000 if you are willing to invest in some new art for your home. If you do business with me, I’ll do business with you. Shall I book your session?”


She was instantly put out. “I’ve never had this happen to me like this. I’m sorry, but I am not prepared to do business this way. I don’t want a thousand dollars’ worth of portraits Amber.”

I didn’t want $1,000 worth of skin cream.

No deal, but I am still considering.

What if I could line up $1,000 in sales before I even bought in? How could I do that?

I read my daughter the beginning of this blog. Her face lit to read about the car. “MOM! Why aren’t you working for THAT company!? It sounds amazing.”

I smiled because I know why and I know more.

I have quite a few companies that I have been scouting…

  1. BEACHBODY (click for info)
  2. ADVOCARE (click for info)
  3. USANA NUTRIENTS (click for info)
  4. ACN (click for info)
  5. SCENTSY (click for info)
  6. NERIUM (click for info)
  7. JAMBERRY NAILS (click for info)
  8. NEW YORK LIFE (click for info)

What if I bought into all of them at once? Why would I want to? Could I? If I could only pick one which would be the best investment? Which of these companies are doing the best? How long ago was each established? Why does it matter and is it relevant?

Yes, it matters. If you are invested in one of the companies I’ve mentioned above I want to hear from you. Email me:

As to the answer of the question, there was one I posed in the title. Could these companies help lead you to financial independence? Let’s find out! I am invested in learning more and will continue to share as I do.



I saw your blog post about the different businesses you mentioned you were scouting, the work from home types. I wanted to share my story with you.

About a year ago, I sat at work… 38 weeks pregnant… with my feet propped up on a chair. My face was buried in my hands. I knew it.

I knew I could not work another day. I could hardly stand on my feet for more than a few hours without pain in my legs, contractions and fatigue. It became hard for me to put a smile on my face when all I wanted to do was be home and “nest.” I wanted to spend those last few weeks snuggling my only child, who would soon have to share me with a little sister.

My house was a wreck, the nursery wasn’t done, and I had not even packed a labor bag. I was so tired. Depressed. I was depressed.

I asked my midwife to excuse me from work early for my maternity leave. I had 12 weeks of leave available to me. Leaving work early meant cutting into my time I had to spend with baby before returning to work. It was a tough call but I had to do it for my health.

Then something happened… I went TWO WEEKS overdue. (42 weeks, an entire month from the time I left work!!) That meant that I now had 8 weeks left to spend with brand new baby. I cried. I could not leave her so soon. Be away from this tiny human for 40 hours a week. My heart sank.

I had to make another tough call. I had to tell my job that I wasn’t coming back. I had no idea how we would make ends meet, but I knew that we HAD to. My babies needed me.

Then Beachbody came into my life! I have been semi passionate about nutrition for the past few years and this seemed to tie right into that. Along with having baby weight to lose. I decided to JUMP and build my wings on the way down!

I’m only 6 months in, but I know I made the right choice and I am so excited to see how far I can take this!

I want all the mama’s to be able to stay home with their babies and live the life that THEY choose. Work when THEY want to work. And NOT work when they would rather snuggle, play or spend time with their babies.

In my second month with Beachbody I made $720. 🙂 I now make a steady $200-300 weekly with an amazing team of women that I have grown these last few months.

I don’t sell products. I help people. I encourage, I motivate, I offer accountability. Peoples lives are being changed forever and no income can match that feeling!

My income is a reflection of the lives I help change each week. Is it “easy?” No… Some days it’s really hard. But is it worth it?! Hell yeah! I’ve found my calling.

There is no large product buy in. Heck! You can begin coaching for just  $40 if you want! (Free if you’re military!!) There is no monthly minimum requirement of sales, no product to keep on hand, no home parties, no cold calling… Everything is run online using social media.

I belong to the most amazing group of women (MisFIT REPublic). A group of women who build each other up everyday. We have an amazing training website with everything a person would ever need to know to get started. So you’re not going to be recruited and then left in the dust to figure it all out yourself!

I hope my story has in some way inspired you to follow your heart. When you love what you do, and you do it well, the income will follow.

Best wishes and thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you!!


Alicia Goveia



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