One of my all time favorite television shows is about a not too smart family that lives in the back country woods of Alaska. I watch the show, which my family loves as well, and I am disgusted by how difficult they allow life to be.

They do nonsensical things like trying to build tents out of saran wrap, or an even better idea, “Let’s migrate in the middle of winter and when we get to where we are going let’s build a house…”

During Winter. In Alaska.

Not once. TWICE.

I’ve watched that family try to build two houses in the sopping wet and mire. The first house they abandoned. Yes, that’s right. The busted their backs putting up walls and then they ran away like sissys when someone started shooting at them.

Let me tell you something… Sh*t would be going down a whole lot differently if that would have been my house. I would have turned the Alaskan Bush into mother f*cking Compton if someone came to start causing trouble with my family. It would have been a blood bath. 1) I am a terrible shot 2) It doesn’t matter, I’ll rip your throat out with my teeth.

The woods are a savage place and these people are too good to be out in it. The Browns. Their family name is Brown and they are 100% lovable. I don’t know if the young men in the family will ever find any woman, even one, to agree to lay down with them because they do not bathe often. I’m fairly sure the family will die out completely with no one wanting to agree to a life that is by most accounts simply ridiculous.

I cringed as I wrote that last sentence because I am in love with a man who wants that life exactly, minus the cold. He wants a simple, quiet life, somewhere out and away from it all. He doesn’t dream of buying a house. He wishes for land and the freedom to roam. He is the happiest out in nature. I am the happiest out in nature.

There is not much life that is still natural when it comes to room. There are too many people now to allow us all the freedom of land and what then of commerce? We need to make money. Don’t we?

The answer to that question is No. We don’t really need to make money. Our government will step in to take care of us if we decide we no longer want or need to work. They may even pay us more if we can prove an injury.

I think it would be super funny if we all joined collectively and QUIT. What if our entire county simply decided to take a break for a year all at once? We could all come to a collective agreement that we’d rather go back to living off the land and head off to the country. I wonder how long the wild creatures would last before we ate them all? There would be a lot of happy cows in the suburbs.

Wouldn’t we all love to be free from it all?

I wouldn’t be happy with freedom like the Browns. They are stuck in one reality and I want to live everything at once. I want to be able to pick up and go and I want my body to remain the right temperature. I despise being cold. I don’t like being wet either. My hair does not look pretty wet. I like to look pretty and I enjoy being comfortable. I smell good too. Hygiene is important to me and so are my teeth. I like to smile and I’m not fond of looking at mouths full of rot. I also don’t want to pay my bills with fish. Fish stink. Who wants to stink? That life is stinky.

They don’t see it that way though. They smell of pine and campfire. The girls still play with dolls and they are twenty. They don’t need boys because they have each other as best friends. They will never be old because they are rich by a life that is their choice.

The Life You Live Is A Choice

Some choose to live in Never Never Land.

If your choice is wealth you will need to first identify what you value most. Most of us do not value money and so we are fiscally poor. Think about it and then ask yourself how you could get rich quick without making money. Then ask yourself if you could do both at once. Could you get rich quick while living a life of value? Is there a limit to your personal value? Should there be? How much do you value time? What do you want to spend your time doing?

I know how I will be spending mine and I am already rich. True story. It happened that fast. All it took was recognizing value. I’ve already got what I want the most. Maybe you do too.

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