Once upon a time I was going to run for president of the United States of America.

This is a true story and if you want to know how a girl like me got involved in presidential politics I assure you it was entirely by accident. My daughter’s school sent me an email inviting her to join a BOYS ONLY writing club.

My daughter does not have a penis. I still want her to have every opportunity available in public education. “She would like to join,” I replied to the boys only offer.

Her school wrote me back to inform me that anecdotal evidence has proven that boys struggle with writing more than girls and so the gender target was appropriate.

I wrote the d*ck head principle back to volunteer my own time, “I will host a girls only club. For as stupid as you claim boys to be, you are forgetting that the great big REAL world out there, still puts women in a second class category. Men make more money than women with the same education, and as for your anecdotal evidence, how about you present some counter evidence. I’d like you to show me how these girl’s perceived advantage is moving them forward toward equal opportunity? Can you show me that proof?

The guy was tied. “Look lady. We are just doing our best. We thought it was a step in the right direction. This program will help kids who need it.”

I knew I was glad I never volunteered previously, and I was suddenly angry that I vote YES on schools every single time there is ask or need. They were never going to get it. They were never going to learn. The system was going to keep teaching the same system over and over until harassment becomes a standardized test for employees who work in state institutions…

(That’s another true story)

That’s just the way life is. At my age I’ve come to realize that’s it best to move on. Let everything that can’t be changed go.


I could become president and change the course of things.

I liked that idea for about a week. I took to the streets and started knocking on doors. It was AWESOME because I didn’t feel guilty for bothering people. I wasn’t try to sell anything. I just wanted to see how many people were open to the idea of me making it into office…

I had a few people tell me that I had a better chance of becoming famous as a porn star.

Once upon a time I became a personal trainer. This is another true story. I was told the exact same thing as I was told when I tried to run for president, only just a little different. “If I was going to hire a personal trainer I’d pick a guy. I might hire you, but it would only be so I could ask you out.”

One upon a time I was going to become a lawyer, but everyone I knew suggested that I not create the debt.

“Student loan debt is one of the most dangerous debts out there.”

Once upon a time I was a photographer and then people started to say things like, “I don’t actually need that many pictures.” Then there were the ones who didn’t want to buy a single product save one, “I just need a few for facebook.” Of course the price should reflect the whole amount of LESS that people needed now that FREE has become an expected commodity.

I’d be in business if you would allow me business, but every opportunity I try to make for myself is greeted by, “Absolutely No Soliciting.”

Is this our American dream?

Do you want to know what I would do to change things? I can make it clear. It’s all I think about really.

First understand that we are a sick and dying nation. America is going to fall like Rome unless we reclaim our own power and become gladiators in our own arena. The power of our economics is unbalanced. It needs ILLNESS and DEATH to keep producing new economy.

How do I know this? I follow the top paying careers and most of them are in healthcare, NOT computers and technology.

“According to CareerCast’s 10 Best-Paying Jobs of 2014, seven out of 10 of the highest paid professions are in the health care industry and require advanced degrees.”

If there was no demand there would be no value.

I want you to catch the second clue in the quote I just gave you. It points to another reason our country is in trouble. Those top earning careers come with top earning DEBT. How much debt? Gangsters would put a cap in your face for less than half.

“According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the medical school class of 2013 graduated with a median debt of $175,000, and 86% of all graduates left with some debt.”

Some debt?

Now we have motive for murder or at least the decline of our health as a populace. If everyone was well then who in the heck would pay off those GINORMOUS loans?

Surgeons make the most money, according to the 2014 Forbes article I read today.

“With the rising rates of morbid obesity, the number of bariatric surgery procedures is likely to increase as well, reports a paper in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).”

If I was a doctor… I’d be thinking… All I need to do to sell my product is to make fat people.

Of course doctors don’t think like business people… They aren’t in it for the money. It’s about love and caring. I am not disagreeing. I remember, “Absolutely No Soliciting.” Yes, I understand.

I don’t like salesmen either.

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