There is a popular business book I intend to read some day. That’s one of the things that I do when I’m prospecting. I ask successful people, “If there was one book you’d advise me to read… If there was only one choice to make… What should it be?”

The number one answer and I hear it almost every time, “How to Win Friends..”


I should probably read the book tomorrow because I know I’m making friends, but I’m also pissing people off.

I’d read the book sooner than later if I wasn’t pissed off myself. Do I really need to be friends with everyone? What about the A-holes and the bigots? What about the zombies? If they have no brains does it really matter if they are on my side? Can’t I just stab them in the face and call it good? I could call it target marketing?

It should be pretty clear to most everyone that my primary focus is business. If you wanted me to say it is my family you should know that you are someone I’d stab first. My family can’t eat my love, and as for quality time I’m sure my daughter would prefer we spend it in Hawaii.

My health was a question. “What is your interest in natural health and wellness?”

Natural health?

Natural health is not a man made product is it? Natural as in “Can be found in nature?”

My philosophy on attainable success is not great business. I don’t believe that “Wellness” can be bought. I don’t think anyone will find any cure in a pill, and when I think of natural health it’s not a compound of man made manipulation. It is the simplest gift we have: free will.

People have no idea how profoundly powerful they really are. It’s astounding actually. We are all capable of miracles if only we could believe in them.

A lady from Advocare told me that I needed to believe in her product in order for me to be successful in her company. Right after that she lied to me. She told me that I needed to be a bio- chemist to know that her product was not healthy and clean.

Zombie. That zombie makes $80,000 a year by following the Advocare six step program and YES people it will work every time!

No deviation!

You people out there who are afraid of pyramids…

I’m going to build pyramids like a pharaoh. The ancient Egyptians were on to something. The same symbol is on our American currency. A pyramid with an eye. “Keep your vision Amber.”

In order to create something unimagined you need to first imagine it. The details are the plan to make it real. It’s a blueprint actually. Our imagination is the gateway to connect the dots between concepts, tangible ideas.

There are is a reason that buildings are fortified by triangles instead of squares.

“Get me out of the box!”

My business IS WELLNESS.

A Smile Like Yours…

“What makes you happy?

All is well.

I am happy.

How can I create a company that embodies that? What product would that be?

Wellness as the key to happiness and smiles that people want to remember.

Do you know how many clients I am losing to obesity? They don’t want their pictures taken because they don’t want to be remembered that way. People hate themselves to the extent of not wanting to be remembered.

How can I fix that?

I have a plan…

If you want to know what it is I suggest you follow me. I’m leading to something.

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