I have a whole lot of people I need to loop back around to and I will tell you something about hours well spent. I am having the time of my life right now. I wish you all could feel what I feel.

I feel like a liberated slave.

I’ve been writing a whole lot about network marketing and business lately. My friends are writing to complain that my posts are no longer showing up in their feeds. Facebook takes you out of the loop unless you PAY $$$$$$$$$ if they know you are a business. How do they know. My tag is business. I must be getting through some how because I have clients popping back up from five years ago now remembering that they meant to order more pictures and can I find them…

Five years ago… wasn’t that 2009?



Do you know how hard it is for me to count backwards sober?

Imagine I am the IRS and I come knocking to inform you that you are about to get audited. You remember you were meticulous once, but that was before the housing market crashed, and before your husband decided that your hard work in business was a good reason to have fallen out of love… that was before you had your business stuffed in a client’s garage because your apartment was too small, and what the hell am I going to do now?

I am glad that my dear clients love their pictures and want to pay me for them, but how much do you value something if you let it get away from you? What if I needed to let go of the past in order to start over? I was there. We were in the moment. Why did we let it slip away? I loved them too. I truly did.

I’m not going backwards, but I kept everything. I will be there to sort through by the person I hire for that position and then, and only then will I open old accounts unless I am so ordered to by a judge. I’ve invested more time than any value preserving memories that people couldn’t find resources to get back to. My blog today was about moving forward. This is not a blog. It is a verbose itinerary. My mission statement of the day.


My forward is about building a company. The blog on my website will detail the steps I am taking. I will not be investing more than one hour of my day on social media, and as soon as I am able I will hire a head for that department.

You will not be able to find me on facebook. If you would like to know me personally please feel free to book with me.


If you remember that I owe you something and you want to b*tch me out. Call me.

Just pick up the phone and call. Here! Here I am… over here… on my cell phone always, unless it’s dead and the mailbox is full.

I’m not hard to find. I carry a bright yellow rubber chicken with me.


  1. I will email five companies to inquires and ask for help and partnership.
  2. I will visit personal residences.
  3. I will visit five small businesses.
  4. I will email five interesting projects on Craiglists. I will target Seattle, New York, and California.
  5. I will answer my own emails… I am going to do that FIRST dammit!

My goal is to invest one hour and one hour only in what I am going to term “Direct Marketing.”

ONE HOUR BUDGET- Profit? Loss?


My plan for each five day work week will include:

1) A blog written each morning. The blog is really cool because it is the slow progression of a product being made. The blog is my baby. It is mine. I do not want it convoluted by other blogs. I will use facebook to promote bloggers and articles I enjoy. I will use instagram for the same purpose. I will use my success to fuel more success. The success of other people.

ONE HOUR BUDGET- Profit? Loss?

2) A daily itinerary. I want my clients to understand why I can not be reached on a whim. I also want them to know that I am available and I would like to do business with everyone who is reaching out to me. Thank you for that!!!! 🙂


30 MINUTE BUDGET- Profit? Loss?

3) I will clean the damn house and I will clean myself. How long should I budget for this. My hair is getting long. Am I going to blow dry it? Should include feeding myself in this mess?

TWO HOUR BUDGET- Profit? Loss?

I will give myself two hours to figure my sh*t out…

There is the first four and a half hours of my investment. I wonder how much money it will make? I am sure I am already ahead of the curve.

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