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If you really think you can throw down with me when it comes to skill I encourage you to bring it.

This thread is in regard to a blog I posted remembering the days when I had time for fitness. There was a time I worked as a personal trainer. A guy was teasing his friend for hiring me as a personal trainer because I am a woman. I didn’t work as a trainer for more than two years and it was a short time for many reasons. Guys like this aren’t one of them.

Guys who see chicks and can only be dicks because that’s as far as the brain develops for some.

Thinking isn’t always comfortable, but laughter is.

I laughed my ass off over this. This makes me want to start training again. If you want to book with me. If you are looking for a PERSONAL TRAINER my rate is $100 per 50 minute session. We will first have a consultation to make sure we are on the same page. You will also need to become a member at Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center. I am NOT a personal trainer there. I do not even work there. You will become a member because it is a part of the rules. If you do not comply with my program 100% you are fired.

It will be a six month contract with the total agreement entered into $3,000.00.

ONE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION PER WEEK FOR SIX MONTHS If you are fired while still under contract the amount will still be due. The terms and conditions my life transformation plan will be easily understood and I guarantee a 80% success rate with not a God damn nickle given back because I am going to earn it.

You will also have a coach you get to talk to on a daily basis.



Life transformation… Do you need this more than anything?


I should also mention that as of right now, I only have time for ONE client. That client is the only one that matters to me. If you want to be that person, let’s talk.


feeling amused at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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