It is hard to find any good help to hire. The first time I went through this process it was when my business was so large I already had staff. I just didn’t have enough staff, the right staff, and my methods were lacking. I was a terrible boss because I was too busy and super stressed out.

I sent one poor girl home crying after only a week. She made it that long, but she crippled like rice paper being played with by kittens. I remember screaming at her after she started to cry. “Are you crying!?” I was exasperated. “Really! You are crying? There is no crying in baseball!!”

The woman’s most useful skill set as a graphic designer is that she knows Photoshop key short cuts. The rest of her was a useless pile of cry baby.


Can’t I just Google, “Photoshop shortcut keys” and save myself money and headache?

I got caught in the cycle of I can do everything better by myself except for those positions that I did manage to staff with the right talent. It is amazing what marginal gains can do to success as a whole picture.


I will turn away business until I have created the right atmosphere to allow new success.

Thank you Deane Rimerman for your time and talent today. I followed up as I said I would. I went knocking on doors and then I started introducing myself to businesses.

Ivy Evette Superales I stopped in to LUFC to inquire about a meeting. I would like to include Danielle Reutter as I have been meaning to get in touch with her too. I also sent the CEO of Beachbody a message to inquire, but then I’m not expecting a reply there wink emoticon The most powerful people I know are right in front of me. Donald Baker is another person I would like to be there.

Vic A I do apologize but I do believe I dropped off the grid. Are you still available tomorrow at 5:30pm? I put it on my books but did not confirm.

Brenda Burnham I am looking forward to coffee. Did we pick a time tomorrow?

Kristin Vernon I am thinking of YOU heart emoticon

Kim Lacy and Crystal Lynn Chapman I do believe you are involved with the same company? Are either of you prepared to do a video recorded interview to be featured on my blog, and would you be interested in booking a business portrait session to use for your promotions?

Lynn Ostendorp Logue I am sorry I did not reply to your personal message. I just realized. I will message you now.

I know I am forgetting something. How could I not when my head is full!

Joshua Nicholas heart emoticon You are keeping me together. I would not be succeeding this way of you did not love me the way you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Danielle Reutter Let’s do it

Deane Rimerman Amber, take a look at online contracting instead of hiring… I suspect somewhere in the world someone who is talented at photoshop could rock your raw pics into fine art that clients will cherish. is king of it all and they allow you take multiple bids so you can pick best price for quality… Also try some alternatives to elance like: https://www.odesk.comand

Kim Lacy Obviously, you have a lot on your mind. I am happy to sit down with you and see how we can help each other. I love your passion and openness, it’s refreshing. You have got to fight for what you want in life. I can see you won’t settle. Text me

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