Holes in a system…

If you are reading this blog I want you to imagine yourself sitting at a camp fire. It’s a night that you can see the stars shine. They are so bright you can nearly touch them, even when you close your eyes, and you do. You close your eyes to take in the air with a breath that is clean like winter’s newly fallen snow. It’s refreshing and warm to be there in that moment, cozy even. You are wearing that sweater you love, the one made of down so soft it could be velvet. Soft. You feel soft and light and warm, safe, sitting by the fire.

Thank you for allowing a moment to be in that place where we have time to sit and take in good things. Today has been a wonderful day for me. It has been another day of success opening doors. Now that I’ve invited you to sit with me by the fire, please walk with me as I talk. I hope that you can hear my voice through these words I am writing now, because I do need you to hear me. I need what I am about to tell you to resonate to your core.

Today I spoke with two men, two very successful men, men who own a network company, and they told me…


Then they told me to send them friend requests on Facebook.

They told me I can succeed if I am coachable and that it’s as simple as mastering SIX EASY STEPS.

Do you want to know what those steps are?

The next time a CEO calls me. I will remember to ask them what they think of this TED talks video.

It doesn’t matter if a woman can become president. I can’t think of many who would want to be that serious all the f*cking time and what about those of us who enjoy the indulgence of a good cursing or the verb of that same profanity. All that really matters is that we believe it can be done.

I know it can be.

Of course I can be president wink emoticon and if I can’t I’ll run my own company. — at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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