I decided that I was going to become a professional photographer ten years ago and I will tell you something that not many people know, I had no previous aspirations of becoming. My business began like this, “I can’t be this f*cking stupid.”

I wasn’t stupid though. I was going to college and I was quite great at it. My GPA was 3.95. I was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and my written essays were being recommended for publication. I was doing pretty damn good for myself considering that only a few years before I was incarcerated and before that I was a teenage runaway, living with the worst sort of lot by society standards.

I was let out of my cage by a black woman named Esther. She was a favorite on the block, or so my first cellmate revealed. “You are going to like Esther.” I liked Esther the best on the day she released me from THE MAN.

My opinion was that charm school would have been a better investment of punishment, and that I was in this mess because the whole damn world was morally corrupt. I was too good for freedom if the best solution is children in cages like animals.

“Are you coming back?” Esther asked me as she handed me the last of my belongings. The room reminded me of that place you take your dog to be euthanized. If I were a dog I’d be a fox.

“I can’t be this f*cking stupid,” I thought to myself of needing to be caught up in something that took my liberty. “You will never see me again, or hear of me either, unless of course it’s for something really great.”

Esther smiled, “You know what child… I believe you. I can’t usually say that unfortunately. Nearly everyone comes back. You are exceptional though aren’t you. I can see it. Go make me proud.”

juvinile crime


juvenile stats America


I wonder if Esther would be proud to know that I dropped out of college to start my own business because as I started doing elementary math I realized. “I can’t be this f*cking stupid.”

I was a psychology major in college, before I quit to become a professional photographer. I was going to come back from my childhood hell to be someone capable of helping. I’d get a degree in something that could serve a greater good.

Google LOWEST PAID CAREERS… (or click this link)

lowest paying careers


If you are considering professional photography as a possible career, but you are worried that you can’t make enough money I assure you there is plenty of it to be made in my industry and without debt, while incurring immediate income, and with the security of knowing that you can only fail if you choose to. You will have every power to secure your own future if you choose to venture into my business. In fact, I encourage it and that is while the market is over saturated by upcoming professionals. If everyone in the world is a professional photographer how is the world can you make it in business against the competition?

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According to the bureau…

1) Everyone in the world is NOT a professional photographer. This is great news because there is an open market.

2) Photographers only make $3,810.00 a year less than college career professionals as proven in the literature and data available by Google.

Now hiring

Do you want to know what I hate about my photography business? I hate that I don’t share the gift of what I do best with more people. I can’t tell you why the national statistics are what they are, but I can tell you that my small home-based photography business was able to generate $180,000 in sales by the third year. I closed down for nearly three years to study business and now I am back and better than ever. It just so happens that I have never been a statistic. I am exceptionally successful at what I do, and I am looking to spoil my team because they are my future success. I want to spend my mid forties hiking and exploring the world. My business is the home I will always have if I cultivate the garden.




1) This position does not require experience. It requires the right personality. We want to SEE  that personality. If you would like to be considered as an applicant you will need to first send us a short ipone (or cellphone) video. In your video you will state your name, what city you were born in, and what you want to be when you grow up. It’s totally fine if you do not want to be a photographer for life. Who wants to be anything that long? Applicants need to be aware that your video will be public. We are building our team by letting our current clients decide by vote who they want to do business with this summer.

2) You will need to agree to be public and in front of people. Photographers are behind the camera on shoots and in front of people for business. If you are someone who likes to hide from life this company is not ready for you yet.

3) The starting pay is $15- well above the national average for photographers. This is a base rate. If you are someone who wants your success to be “HALF ASS” and you think $15 an hour is fantastic, please do not apply. I want you to see the rate of pay and consider that the job may not be worth it based on what you are already making… or can imagine yourself making after college…

4) I want you to tell me what you would like to make for a living IF you are chosen from your video application. You can submit your video by text- 360.701.9204. If you do not know how I encourage you to enjoy the challenge. You can submit your video via facebook. Post it to my wall, or yours, and then tag me. AMBER GARIBAY (Yes, you can send me a friend request).

5) IF YOU LIVE OUT OF STATE OR OUT OF COUNTRY- If you do not live near enough to Lacey, Washington to make this particular opportunity feasible, I assure you that it is. Submit your video and let’s see what happens. ambergbay@gmail.com

Photographer: Amber Garibay

Your Photographer’s Awards and Merits
  • 2007- Professional Photographers of Washington Best Portrait of a Child
  • 2007-  Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence (PPW)
  • 2007-  Best Album Design- Children  (PPW)
  • 2008-  Russ Clift Award for Best Mixed Competition Case (split entry) aggregate score – (must include such combinations as portrait/commercial or portrait/wedding, commercial/wedding or portrait/wedding/commercial)
  • 2008- Best Album Design- Wedding  Western States Division Winner Professional Photographers of America.
  • 2008- Associate Fellowship of Photography Recipient
  • 2008- Awarded the Lee Merrill Trophy
  • People’s Choice Award – The most popular entry as determined by the vote of PPW Members




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