A Smile Like Yours Photography

“Hey,” my boyfriend looked up from his carving and into a face that was scowling. My face was puckered consternation. “Don’t be overwhelmed.” He chided gently, knowing that I am quickly there. I crossed my arms to hunker into a childish pout. This made him laugh and then tease, “Do you remember how happy you were three hours ago?” I grinned to recall, nodding my concession begrudgingly. He claimed victory by loving reminder, “Nothing has changed Amber. Everything is still good. Relax, you are just fine.”

I don’t always feel like everything is going to be “just fine” and I already have everything in life that I could ever need. I know “just fine” on tired days, on “I am never going to make it days.” I know in the back of my mind that everything is “just fine.” I am already more than OK. Why then? Why can’t I…

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