Don’t quit!

My dad told me not to quit my day job back when I told him I was going to start a photography business.

“There’s no money in it,” he said.

All the advice I was given told me not to try, and if I should try it better be half invested with a REAL job to fall back on.

My real job went out of business the same month I got my own business license.

Coco’s Bakery and Restaurant.

I was temped to look for a new job, too be responsible, but a cherished friend said, “Amber, you don’t need a job. You have a business.”

10 years later I can’t get a job and I’ve tried on rare occasion. I try to find work when business is slow and I’m not making enough as a photographer.

I try and then I’m told, “You are too ambitious. You would never be happy working here.”

I am right with what I created, and I guess this post is a bit of an entrepreneur warning.

Be careful with the bar you set for yourself. I set mine high and became a master. The universe knows and now I can’t fall below the level I strived for. I sometimes try to be less and then I become the expected more.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO START A BUSINESS

      • Good afternoon Amber. Business is going as expected (growing VERY quickly). I ran a computer service company up until late last year, but the business changed. I handled primarily repairs, upgrades, and custom systems. Fact is though that most users don’t repair or upgrade machines anymore (it’s not cost effective). It was no surprise, I already saw that I was going to become this eras “TV repairman”. I’m now back at consulting and training (what I did back in the 90s) teaching others to start and run businesses while keeping their costs under control (hence “Business on a buck”). As it works out currently, high schools, community colleges, adult ed, and social service groups are keeping me VERY busy with giving seminars and training classes. Keep posting those items of interest, they’re most appreciated. Have a GREAT weekend, Scott.

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