I unplugged for almost 48 hours. This means that I have more than a few people to get back in touch with today and I am also behind schedule on editing.

Yesterday I spent snuggled on the couch with my boyfriend watching Clint Eastwood movies. The week before was a heavy one for us on the account that I decided to clobber him with a demand. “I want you to promise me that you are going to love me forever and that you will not give up on me ever. I need your love for me to be unconditional or I don’t want it at all.”

His answer was honest, “I am not willing to make you any promises Amber. You are asking for too much, too soon.”

You can imagine how that went for me. “F*ck that sh*t.”

We did some hard talking after that. I called my dad some where in the middle and he said, “Can you blame him? No man wants to chain himself to misery. Is he good to you? Are you happy with him? Does he need to promise you a lifetime when we all know that life changes? Maybe you are not going to like him in seven years. Maybe he will be someone you can’t stand. You shouldn’t make him any promises either. Keep your life open.”

Some people climb souls like ladders of success. “As long as you’re HAPPY it’s OK.”

Happy for how long?


I am happy every day and usually there comes a portion of sadness. Last week a friend of ours died. I was sad about that. I didn’t cry though. I just thought it weird that only a week before he was sitting on our couch and when I said good-bye it was with the intention that he would come back to sit again.

What good-bye will be final? Death is the door closed.


I started writing about a company called IT WORKS GLOBAL last week. If you are not familiar with the company they are best known for their skinny wrap. I started writing a blog at the beginning of WAY OFF TOPIC and today I am going to get to the meat of it.

How much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can you make in the company???????????

What if I could provide you with information that was more important than a promise?

the big question


facebiook feedback

Sara Reahle Sokso This is Direct Sales, there are hundreds of direct sales companies out there. MANY people make it in this industry, it is the same as anything else, you get out of it what you put into it, if you are going to work it and work hard at it, you could probably do something great, if you think you can just sign up and the money will start flowing in, that will not happen. As far as the wraps “working” I don’t think they would have gotten as big as they are if it was a scam, do they work for everyone, probably not, are they expensive, yeah, because not only are you purchasing the product, you are paying commission to the person you bought it from, plus the person that signed them up and so on. There are tons of at home recipes for most “beauty” and “weight loss” stuff, but you are also paying for the convenience. If you decide to go into a Direct Sales company, be it this, or makeup, or jewelry, or bags, you just need to be sure you believe in the product and the company and that you are ready to work… because it is work… if it was easy and “free” money, everyone would do it. With all this said, I am in Direct Sales (not it works) but I love my product, I love going out and telling people about it and sharing it, I LOVE the friends I have made because of it and the paycheck isn’t too bad either (when I put my mind to it and WORK). You need to do what you feel is best. Look at the policies and procedures for this company, that will tell you a lot of what you need to know. Good luck! (if you want to chat more just pm me. I won’t try to recruit you! I promise! But I have been with several DS companies and I am willing to chat if you want!)

Laura Sanders Its very hard to make it in it works these days… I’ve seen so many people fail at it to even attempt to waste my time… there are too many distributors in the area and social media has deemed the companies url spammy too many people complain of it. I tried the wraps they didn’t work for me… My friend sell them and seem to work 5x.harder than me to make the little money they can from it.

Brittany Ann Ghramm I know many people who use the product and some who sell it and from what I have seen their products do work as they claim. The wrap isn’t a skinny wrap but instead a tightening and toning wrap.It is meant to help tighten up loose skin, not make you lose weight. And most of their products are meant to detox your body. They do have supplements that you can take to get you more of the nutrients found in Veggies and fruits that you need daily.
I have been going back and forth on whether I should do it or not and the only reason why I haven’t done it yet is because I don’t have the money to start up right now. But if I ever do get the money to spare then I probably will.

Amber Garibay Brittany Ann Ghramm it just might be that I am a venture capitalist. If you were given money for start up what do you think your chance of success would be?

Sara Reahle Sokso Amber Garibay – if you are thinking of joining and paying others to join your team, be careful, read the P&P’s for the company, most are strict and that is against the “rules” and you could loose your business (it works, not photo)… there are several associations that these DS companies are members of, and guidelines they must follow. Just FYI…

Anna Lind Malizio I also am in MLM and never EVER thought I would be. I adore my company and know that it was the right choice for me. BUT I also came in with a clear mind that it was going to be HARD work and look at it as a four year career (good book to read, FYI). You have to believe in the product you are selling and do lots of work and research. Good luck to you!

Kadesh Swanson the reality is these companies do work. They require a lot of work and sacrifice, but the reward will be beyond what you can imgaine. these companies merely offer a vehicle to get you from A to Z. Instead of building a business from scratch they offer you a complete business. That being said you need to look around at all your options. what these companies values are how long these companies have been in business what their debt looks like how much they pay their distributors the companies valuation etc. It’s much more than just the product its the company itself you gotta make sure it has a good track record so it doesn’t go bankrupt on you.

 Kadesh Swanson also make sure its not a fad trend. to me this wrap concept seems like a fad that will fizzle out soon.

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