We tell our children that college is the only way to a better future. I grew up believing that intelligence is absolute power and it was for that reason that I was never concerned about what college I got into. I knew that it didn’t really matter. I knew that all I needed was the ability to earn an education and that the responsibility of higher learning is my own capacity. My success is not the institution of ivy league debt. It is the evolution of knowing that apes didn’t need more than sticks to become man.

Last week I attended a business seminar filled with women. Some of those women are even more successful than me. I am even comfortable admitting that there is a great possibility that most of them are. One girl was expecting a $20,000.00 bonus and yet another was reported to have gone from no income to six figures in seven months.

The best part of the conference was when the speaker announced, “Look, I am not a scientist.” She said it like a pretty cheerleader known for being stupid. She encouraged the rest of the audience, an entire crowd, to be stupid with her. “I don’t need to know everything there is to know about the products our company offers. If I worked at a grocery store I would not be expected to know about the products. My job is to sell them.”

I agree with her. I am a sh*tty f*cking sales person and so was she. I raised my hand, “Except that you don’t work in a grocery store. You are standing in front of a room full of people in representation of a company of which you should be fully educated about. I asked you why the product should not be used on the face and your answer is, ‘Look I am not a scientist.’ Is that an ethical way to conduct business? I believe that I have an obligation as a business owner to be wholly educated on the products my company distributes.”

The woman presenting was cool and professional, adept at handling the direction of her message. She diverted me to research on my own, “The information is online.” Five minutes later someone else in the crowd was asking, “I know you said that it’s not safe to use on the face, but what about on diaper rash? I read on facebook that people are doing it.”

(It’s not safe for your face, but you can wipe your baby’s broken skin?”

I am thinking of that comedian who says, “You can’t fix stupid.” My psychological epiphany is a growth mindset argument. “Of course you can fix stupid. You can fix stupid with facts.

FACT: Our faces are made out of skin. 


Main article: Epidermis (skin)

The epidermis is composed of the outermost layers of the skin. It forms a protective barrier over the body’s surface, responsible for keeping water in the body and preventing pathogens from entering, and is a stratified squamous epithelium,[12] composed of proliferating basal and differentiatedsuprabasal keratinocytes. The epidermis also helps the skin regulate body

FACT: The skin on our face is different from the skin on our body

“Areas with more appendage concentration (like the face) heal more quickly and are more tolerant of injury than sites with fewer appendages, like the neck and chest. When you treat the skin with potentially irritating products like retinoids and hydroxy acids, you may need a lower concentration on the body than you do on the face, she says.

A standard gentle cleanser will keep skin on the body in good shape, whereas you may want more power with the more visible skin on your face.”

(Click Here To Learn More) 

This is my mind questioning science. I am not a scientist so I ask a lot of questions. Maybe you can help me with this.

1) I was told that it is essential and critically important that I DO NOT USE THE SKINNY WRAP ON YOUR FACE!!! THE PRODUCT IS FOR THE NECK DOWN.

2) I let the representative know that I didn’t care about the warning as exclusive to the face. I am concerned that there need to be a warning at all. I wanted to know what could possible happen to me if I did use it on my face. I also wanted to know if there is a possible risk or danger. For example: skinny wraps are not recommended for pregnant women. Why? Have there been studies? Where are those studies? The product is absorbed through the skin. What is being absorbed and how does it work?

3) I posted a fact that said the skin on your face is different than your body. TRUE STORY. (Click Here)  The article suggested that face skin may take HIGHER concentrations of products. The company representative from “It Works Global” body wraps indicated that there is a face cream you can purchase for your face, as the wraps are “too strong” for the area. I’m scratching my head over the science. Can you help me with the answer? I am feeling stupid and I would be glad to have help with a fix.



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