Contentment and Peace.

Will you leave it all behind to run away with me?
Will you come with me when I go?
What star would you need to pluck in order to make me happy?
 Would you jump to catch a star for me if needed it to be happy?
Would I ever ask you to?
What kind of love would I be if I expected you to reach beyond what is really capable?
No man has lived to hold a star. Stars are bigger than worlds.
You are a world I want to conquer. Should I want to conquer you?
Majestic Nature.
Should I let you go in peace?
Can I lie down next to you instead?
We can hold hands as our heads touch.
Do you know I have a freckle under my eye?
I like the laugh lines next to yours.
I call you beautiful because handsome is too one sided.
You are not gender or masculinity.
You are light and all that shines to bring life.
Beautiful Soul
The world was dark before I found you.
I was weary of night and ink blotted,
like a smudge left from lips to glass,
but never a kiss worth remembering.
I will forget you if you go because I want to remember you up close.
Why have you not been with me always?
You betray me by your former years.
I want every first with you.
It’s not you to doubt yourself.
Don’t ever.
It’s me.
I am here.
I am here with you now.
Will you run away with me to our new beginning?
Will you come with me when I go?
Can we go together…

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