THE POWER OF ONE: The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok

Dear Tracy Benson,

Today is day two if yesterday was the first. Yesterday you wrote me from the United Kingdom to ask, “Amber, are you still writing your fitness blog?  I would love to follow if you do. I have gained weight and I have a wedding next year. HELP!”

I took your message as a sign that I better get back to what I started. No, I have not been writing about fitness. No, I have not been passionate about my health. In fact I compromise it every day, at every turn, on purpose. I have been living life like a Viking. I am not concerned with a healthy life because I know death is coming. My fate is in God’s hands now and if he will not save my soul while I am here then maybe theirs will. The Vikings had more than one God on their side. Which begs the question, “Are we stronger with many or are we stronger with less?”

 “In many respects the Vikings were the medieval equivalent of organized crime,” says Simon Keynes, a professor of Anglo-Saxon history at Cambridge University. “They engaged in extortion on a … (click here for full article)


2 thoughts on “THE POWER OF ONE: The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok

  1. Hey Amber! sorry im replying to day 2 on day 3 but its crazy town here right now. im trying to get the house in order befoe i go in for an operation on my ankle tomorrow! so exercise will be out the windoe for a few weeks (well lower body anyway ill make up for it up top!) Nutrition is not perfect ( i love bread and it wont stop being inside me!) but im so much more concious of my decisions so this is good. Beause im going to be sat on my big bum for the next 2 weeks at least im making a food plan and going to stick to it. AMBER—-EAT!!! you should care, i do! eat more then old pork please i need you to stay alive if you dont mind :-p. xxxx

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