People often call to ask, “Do you offer images on disc?”

YES, we do offer digital packages here at A Smile Like Yours Photography. Your package will include a print release which will allow you the benefit of securing your own products, the ability to post professional quality images on social media, and the security of knowing that these cherished images are yours to keep for archiving. If something ever happens to damage a print, your digital image will provide you with a means to replace it. Your memories are once in a life time. Digital imagery allows you to preserve them as treasured heirlooms.

Our digital images are priced HIGHER than our prints and accompanying products because they are more valuable. Owning the rights to reproduce an image is like holding a seed. It allows you endless fruit.


The question has been asked, “If I purchase a digital package will the disc include all of the images taken? What if I want all of them?”

Our answer is “Yes.” You will have the ability to order as many poses as you desire, but first you must make choices as to what you love most. When I walk into my favorite store I do so knowing that I am going to want everything. I frequent shops that are filled with my favorite things until “How could I ever decide?” I narrow down my selections because even if I could afford to have everything, what in the heck would I do with it all? Our team at A Smile Like Yours will help you narrow your selections based on budget and need. Your disc will include every favorite you are willing to invest in and it will be delivered at a finished and polished product. Our final edits are not proof quality. They are fine-art portraits.



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