“You are a beautiful woman. You do not need to work or struggle. You’ve got doctors sniffing up your skirt, powerful men. Find one who wants to take care of you!”

My father gives me great advice.  He is right to notice my advantage as a woman, and he is not the only man to suggest that I have one.  “You can have anything you want. Remember that. You will always be the one in control. You have the vagina.” A guy friend shared his beliefs with me about women one day as I was in tears over a boyfriend.  “You are in the driver’s seat. YOU, not him,” he said, as he squeezed my shoulder.

I sniffled, feeling more hopeful of my fate. “Does it really work like that?” I asked him. “Do women really have that much power?”

His answer was flat. “Yes. Women are that powerful. You are that powerful.”

My smile was instantaneous and also short lived. I liked the idea of being powerful until I realized the truth of my own ability. If I am in control then how should I rule? How should I handle treason to my reason? What if other people do not agree with my power? If I do not have enough, but could have it all, what changes should be made and what should be cut?

I have a lot of questions for POWER.

It appears that the kingdom has always been mine.  I didn’t need to leave a glass slipper hoping that a Cinderella prince will find me. My life is the same rags to riches transformation. I just need to realize my own power. I’m like Bastian reading about Fantasia. “Make a wish or be stuck in a never ending story.”


What should I wish for first?

I wish I knew how to make wishes come true.

I also wish that love is true.

I have advice for my daughter, just as my father has advice for me. I will tell her this:

Wishes are as useless as power given to you by someone else. If the world sees you have power, and you remain oblivious, all my wishes will be lost.  I wish you the sight to see your power before I realize my full potential.  My life is yours as light to a path.  I will show you how it’s done. Then you show me how to do it better.

 See what others miss…

“As he climbed into his pickup truck outside his convenience store, rich dad said, “Keep working, but the sooner you forget about needing a paycheck, the easier your adult life will be. Keep using your brain, work for free, and soon your mind will show you ways of making money far beyond what I could ever pay you. You will see things that other people never see.  Most people do not see the opportunities because they are looking for money and security, so that’s all they’ll get. The moment you see one opportunity, you’ll see them the rest of your life.  Learn this and you will avoid one of life’s biggest traps.


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