One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive:
• A cover shoot for the January issue of Oxygen Magazine. Includes travel and
hotel costs to Los Angeles, CA.
• 1-year of BSN products.
• A 3-day training and photo shoot. Includes: travel and hotel in Boca Raton, FL,
training with Neil Hill, and a BSN photo shoot.


I decided that I will be the grand prize winner as soon as I invested in the challenge. There is no point in entering a challenge unless I believe and I do. I believe I will win. Of course I will win! How can I fail?

I read the rules of the contest and realized I will lose before I start. I will not be the grand prize winner because I am not starting with a big enough deficit. I am not fat enough.

All eligible entries will be judged by a panel of judges selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion, who will select twenty (20) finalists by Friday, October 16, 2015 based on the following judging criteria of greatest physical transformation in total weight-loss, body fat,and inches lost (based off measurements from bust, waist, and hips).


Today I weight 150 pounds and most of it is pizza and Hot Tamale candies covered in cheese and Wheat Thins crackers. My upper body size is a size small, which would be fine except my closet is filled with shirts the next size down because I am an extra small at 130.

Now my bottom half is another story.

I don’t even know what size it is. My booty is so big is swallowed Kim Kardashian and all of her sisters. It can’t be contained in jeans, no. My butt is so big it’s migrated to my back. When I sit down, the junk in my trunk has no where to go so it poofs out like inflatable booty life rafts.

“Help me…”

Never mind shorts. If I started wearing shorts people would call me the dimpled darling. “Poor girl, it looks like she got pox as a child. My knees have jowls and my ankles swell with pitted edema.

My belly has become a plaything. I squish it and tug on it. Sometimes I tuck it in, sometimes I suck it in. Sometimes I get on on my hands and knees so I can see it hang like cow udders underneath me. I haven’t tried to milk myself yet because that would just be weird.


People tell me every day, “Amber you are beautiful.” They tell me they love me and that I inspire them. Just the other day someone told me that when they think of me they think of fitness. I felt guilty because I have only been half trying.

I gave up on fitness. I give up on fitness all the time. Which lends me to my next question, “Should I get fat before I get fit?”

The official contest start day is July 15th. I could spend the next weeks bulking like so many bodybuilders do. I could make myself BIGGER so I have greater odds of winning a needle in a haystack….


I can find a way to win MY WAY.


If you would like me to win or just want to encourage me please share this post on your page with the hash tag. #TeamAmber

I will be blogging this journey with pictures and videos. I will play the game my way and even if I am disqualified by their rules or judgement. I will win. I will win because that is what winners do.

FYI: I chose Erin as a coach if you would like to enter the challenge with me. If I can’t land the cover I will help you land the cover. ‪#‎stillwinning‬

Thank you to Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center for encouragement and support. I love our local businesses!!! smile emoticon

May Your Day Be Filled With Smiles,
Amber Garibay

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