I should probably begin each day by reading a tech article so that I can keep up with the swarm. I should also get up before the sun rises to enjoy a short run. I know my days are best when I begin with fuel. I do not know why I have chosen to live life depleted lately.

I stopped carrying my rubber chicken for the course of a year. I decided to blend in and go back to average. I decided to settle back down into “normal” life. I also realized that most of my TEN MILLION DOLLAR PLAN has already been tried by other people and all of them are still not there to millions and probably never will be.

What is the $10 million dollar plan?

Well, the first variable to the equation is the most powerful.

1) I must be capable.

The second variable is equally powerful.

2) It must be possible.

If you are reading the stipulations above and you are thinking to yourself, “I am capable and it is possible,” that’s great! You can have ten million dollars in ten years should you choose to go after it. This brings me to the next ingredient of my ten million dollar recipe.

3) You must decide to make it real.

How simple is that! I just gave you all you need to know in three easy steps. I am so happy I could get up and dance and I probably will. Do you even know how amazing life is?? Can you see yourself getting there? We are going to have an absolute blast now that we know that we are set and making it.

Do I sense doubt?

Let me break it down to you with a little more detail because I want it to sink in to full comprehension. Life is really that simple. Of course that doesn’t make for a very long book and it leaves a lot of questions and so I am going to elaborate further with an easy analagy. Let’s apply those three imperatives to fitness and weight loss goals. Do you believe that anyone can change their body through fitness? I am imagining that even if you are struggling with the issue there is some part of you that is holding on to hope that “Yes” anyone can change. Now you know why I am smiling when life is putting me through hell. I believe that ANYONE CAN MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS through proper education. Do think I mean an Ivy league school?

I hope you do not have a clue as how I will do it and if you know me I am sure it’s been muttered more than once, “What if I make it to ten years and I have not made my goal? What if I spend the next years talking without action of proof?”

That story is boring. I know that. I know that I do not want to live a stupid, boring, ordinary life and just yesterday my writing landed me an invitation to fly to Colorado for a fashion/fitness photo shoot and I have lard on my ass to the name of SHIRLEY DIMPLE.

Now and then, how many more times will I be fat in my lifetime? I don’t freaking know. Do I really need to know the answers to know that if I am one thing now I can be another later. I am fat NOW!!!! In three months I am going to look smoking hot and I will be even closer to my goal of making ten million. How do I know? I have been there before and I will be there again, unless of course I stop carrying my rubber chicken.

That is the fourth variable in my ten million dollar plan.

4) If you want to make ten million dollars MY WAY. You will need to carry around a rubber chicken. I will tell you were you can purchase one.

Today is my day four of the Ultimate Oxygen Challenge. The actual challenge begins on July 15th and the program information will be revealed at that time. I decided to commit to make needed changes upon enrollment and this blog is my accountability. I will be writing through this journey. ‪#‎TeamAmber‬ ‪#‎TeamErin‬ ‪#‎TeamBrianne‬

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