My dating profile

This morning I replied to ONE MAN WHO WANTS TO DATE ME…

This is what I wrote him:

Well, this is what I know. I read EVERY DAY because true wealth is knowledge and money has never been the answer. Please keep in touch with me if you would like to expand your life. I am not emotionally available to date, but I am looking to expand my network of like minded people and I will most definitely fall in love with my soulmate along the way. Could it be you? Well, that would make you the luckiest man in the entire world. Do you think you could hang on to a woman like me? You should know that I deleted 25 messages before yours with no reply. You just happened to hit on the golden ticket. Love it! May Your Day Be Filled With Smiles, Amber Garibay


Yesterday I photographed Jaimee Lyon’s wedding. You should know who she is because I love her and she changed my life. Once upon a time my friend was devastated by a love that betrayed her. She said to me, “I know exactly what I want and I deserve to be happy. I do not want to be single nor should I be. I am going to meet the love of my lifetime.”

and then she did.

I photographed her wedding on the very same day that I should have been celebrating my two year anniversary with the man I had hoped to marry. He admitted the day before that our day would never come because he wants to live life alone. This morning the two of us scanned my dating profile while we had our morning coffee.

“Is this really what most guys are like?” he was disgusted by my options and there are plenty.

“Yes! Why in the hell do you think I am crying my eyes out now. Do you know how hard it was to find someone on your level? I agree that our lives do not fit, but the content of who you are exactly the kind of person I want. Though I would expand upon it now that I am not with you.”


If you think you do or would like to help my prince find me in a sea of billions please share this post. Thank you

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feeling fabulous at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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