I do not do things the way that other people do. Why the f*ck do you expect me to when so many of you out there are MISERABLE.

If you are happy you will not be offended, but if you are miserable you are most likely hating on me right now because I will absolutely NOT SETTLE.


Does it upset you when I swear? It should. Swearing isn’t a proper thing for a lady to do and wouldn’t it be nice if I could actually live like a woman instead of needing to bust my ass like a man. If I need to be a man with a vagina I am going to have a really big stick and I will beat the bloody hell out of you if you get in my way. Donald Trump is now number TWO on the republican ticket because people like straight talk and money.

Two days back I gave $20 to a homeless man for meth so he can get off on life doing nothing. I know a lot of sober people like that. I know middle class people like that. I have been that success. (Not meth stupid. Mediocrity. Look at my TEETH)

I am tired of being bullied to conform to what everyone thinks I should do when every where I look I see things that are not working. Men leaving wives for happier options. Choosing to have masturbatory pleasure instead of understanding that true happiness is a gift of honest communication. I choose love first because that is my life purpose. I am living a life I love.

I am crystal clear and I do hope you see that because if you can’t I’m certainly not going to miss it.

I am laser focused and pressed for time because it took me more that half my life to realize my true self.

I have always been a shining star.

If you want to know how I found her, THAT GIRL, feel free to follow my story or buy my book which will be published in six months.

My Best With Smiles,
Amber Garibay


— at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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