Dear Mrs. Anderson,

It will be my great pleasure to see you today at five. I will admit that I still have not edited those few last pictures I missed. There were about 20 images, the last of your wedding, on another memory card. I will finish them up before I see you and they will be on your personalized hard-drive.

I want you to know that what you have found in each other will last. I recognized it and then I questioned my own relationship when I got home that day.

Josh and I were still together when you got married. Of course I wondered what my own wedding would be like someday and if my guy would feel what your guy feels for you. THAT kind of love. I reminded myself that true love is not new love. Then I began to fear that time would not change his heart, it would only leave me more in love and him more removed.

A few weeks after your wedding we were no longer a couple and now I know more than ever what I want and what I have to offer by the quality of my soul.

People do not understand why I want to get married again. Why now when I know what marriage is and how it ends. My answer to that is simple. Life ends and yet I live it. I love forever because it is the only love I know.

You two have the been given the gift of finding each other, needles in haystacks because ain’t life a prick? We are born young and then life claims our spirit with centuries of misgiving and hurt. ‪#‎worldhistory‬ There is no way to remain unchanged until many turn to stone before love softens them to a new and malleable form.

You two are butter. Make yummy things to eat and taste every pleasure of this adventure. Your love is an eternal road to everything good and possible. I love you for it. I am inspired by it. I am blessed to have witnessed a true unicorn. Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.

My best with smiles,
Amber Garibay

— at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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