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My ex boyfriend asked me what I hope to accomplish by my reply. He was disappointed and near disgust to see the callous and cold of my unleashed and furious mind. “I just do not understand why you need to be so harsh. You totally tore into him.”

I glared at him. “I don’t understand why I can’t just meet a man that sees the world my way. Do you think I want to be with someone I need to hold a LIFE carrot out to? Do you know how many men I meet who do not believe in themselves enough to take life, to make life? I am looking for someone who is going my way.”

He was scornful. “If that is the case you shouldn’t have wasted your time at all. You know he is not the right guy already. You shouldn’t be wasting your time when you have work to do.”

I snapped at him, “I am working. I am writing my book. Do you think I care about his feelings or yours? You are worried about me being mean and you have made me cry more than anyone.”

He stood there in refusal. “I have always been kind to you.”

Now I was angry. “Your kindness led to a whole lot of “going no where.” Now leave me alone I have work to do.”

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