Last week I brought my rubber chicken out of retirement. Then I had business cards made. After that I started running around town to introduce myself to the community.


1) You are looking to transform your life
2) You want to learn photography. I will be hosting free editorials in the near future.
3) You would like to lose weight without spending money on products
4) You should follow me if you LIKE TO BUY PRODUCTS. I am now in the direct selling business of cut the bullsh*t and show me the money. If you want to know what products work and why I will tell you. I will tell you about the ones that don’t and I will tell you what multi-level market businesses I did NOT buy into and why.
5) You should follow me if you are married. You should follow me if you want to be married. You should follow me if you are still searching for love and this is why. It just so happens that LOVE and HAPPINESS are my calling. I write about the pursuit of both daily as a blogger. Or you can wait and buy my books later. They will be more expensive than free and wildly popular.


6) You should share this post if you know someone who you think should follow me.

My best with smiles,
Amber Garibay
Business Owner/Photographer/Entrepreneur/Artist

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