breakfast breakfast 2

9:50 am #day3 #fitnesschallenge

My breakfast today is NOT on the suggested meal plan of the Oxygen fitness challenge. That plan has a whole lot of EGGS and life like that is ‪#‎rotten‬

If I were a chicken farmer I’d let the fetuses develop before I harvested the crop. I understand that life is impatient and that some people prefer under developed protein and sometimes to greater benefit.

Alas, it is true that the chicken came first for me and Humpty Dumpty did not sit on a wall, I pushed him so that other people can scramble to eat him.

Breakfast: Sweet onion. Fresh green beans, a radish (because they were on my suggested shopping list), Brussel spouts, and nearly half a chicken breast. I am also having a 1/2 banana, which I hate and I’m drinking water instead of coffee now.

Now I’m going to shampoo the carpet in my living room for my first workout of the day.

meal plan b

While I deviate from the meal plan my fellow fitness competitors are sticking to it. The picture above is what I was supposed to eat today.

NO. I do not want that lifestyle. It will not fit for me ever. Why start when I know I will not continue?

The Life You Live Is A Choice

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