fitness chicken

We sat together, him and I. We sat over coffee and news. He listened while I opened my heart to admit my fears.

I told him about the young girl at the gym yesterday that made fun of me while I was leaving. He told me that I should write about it, “Just a short post.”

This is what happened as I left the gym…

I asked her how old she is, because she’s radiantly happy. She kind of sneered, still smiling. She told me that she’s sixteen and I told her I could tell that she is young because she is still so happy. As I was walking off she looked at her buddy and says, “That lady is weird.” Her friend agreed. They both stood and laughed at each other as I left the building with my rubber chicken.

I guess I’ll never roll with the cool kids.

‪#‎geekygirlslovefitness2‬ ‪#‎nerds4life‬‪#‎thelifeyouliveisachoice‬

— at Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center.

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