Benazir Bhutto became the first female and 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan in December of 1988. Arriving at the Prime Minister Secretariat, she addressed the huge crowd:

We gather together to celebrate freedom, to celebrate democracy, to celebrate the three most beautiful words in the English language: `”We the People”.


I did not know that Pakistan allowed women in politics until this morning. In fact, I did not know much about Pakistan at all except that terrorism seems to spreading like a plague and Muslim is now the religion attached to that fear. BE CAREFUL. There are two subjects Americans are NOT allowed to talk about: religion and politics.

If you are reading my words now I need you to know that I do not care about religion or politics. I care about the people of the world. I care about the animals of the world. I care about our planet. I do not want humanity to be the end of all things. I do not believe that better is coming through death. I believe we are here in life for a purpose. I believe in a purpose called LOVE.

We are not removed from each other. All of us, the whole of us, we are connected and yet with all of our communication there seems to be a disconnect. People do not understand each other. Why is that? Why is it that with Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, we can’t see people for what they really are: PEOPLE.

People are not religion. People are not politics. People are feeling, mindful creatures who make mistakes because each and every one of us is here on earth learning. Do you know what I know to be true about people? Nearly every human I have every known is by nature good, kind, and loving. The ones that are not are in pain.

We are lions with thorns in our paws. We are born innocent and then the arrows begin to fly. They fly too soon. They fly too close. We are hit, we are it again, and then we are hit again. Pain changes us. Pain makes us question all things. Pain makes us long for endings. Pain makes us forget our beginning.

When I was a little baby my mom called me her sunshine. She told me later, in fond retelling, how I was always up with the sun and that when she found me in my crib I was always smiling. “You had the biggest smile on your face, like you had found joy in your dreams.”

I do find joy in my dreams, but I am also a tortured soul. I was happy until I became aware. I was happy until I learned what life truly is. Life is puzzle that was meant to be solved by generations. We will not have the answers all at once. We will find solutions that feel like plugging one hole in a bucket full of leaks. Of course we are all frustrated. We are meant to be uncomfortable so we can figure it out.  Why can’t people understand that we are clues? We won’t solve the equation unless we can find a way to merge knowledge and how will it ever be possible to connect billions of lives, and billions of minds at once?


Do we trust  the media? Do we trust the news? Do we believe the things we read on social media? Do we trust our government officials? Do we trust our husbands? Do we trusts our wives? Do we trust ourselves? Do we trust?

It has been written before that love can not exist without trust. How can the world hold love then with so many questioning and uncertain of belief? Is that is what is happening now? Are we so untrusting that are hearts  are lost to hate?

I am sitting here right now trying to decide who I trust will not hurt me or those I love. I can’t trust anyone. So how do I protect myself? How do I keep my love safe?

I am an American born woman. I do not represent my nation as a whole, but I love this land I am from. Our culture is a world culture and with that comes barriers. We are not entitled here. We are not complacent. We are, most of us, actively invested in trying to solve problems with too many causes and convictions. What I mean by that is, “To each his own agenda.”

We have thriving communities here. We also have failing ones. We have men of great honor and ones who live out lives of destruction and killing. We have monasteries and we have prisons. We have law that sometimes gets out of order and then there is punishment. What kind of punishment will fix the problem so it will not happen again?

An eye for an eye… How will we have sight?

FANATIC. Fanatic is defined as a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause. Similar or like words are zealot, extremist, militant, dogmatist, devotee, adherent

I imagine life living without eyes. Instead of counting on one sense, I try to open my soul to accommodate all sense. That is how I avoid being fanatical. Extremism is born from severe emotional reactions, usually by conditioning. We are not born that way. It is not a national heritage, but our circumstance can become our culture. If I am born to a world of war I may know only war. Love is the only constant progress.

I am thirty-eight years old and I have had my heart broken so many times, and so severely, that I sometimes long for death. I don’t want to keep living if I can not stop the world from hurting. If I can heal my own heart and what about yours? Are you OK?

I wrote this article because a politician in Pakistan wrote to ask me if I would agree to do a video interview. He told me he would use my words to inspire people. To help people who have given up. At the same time I was agreeing to help, another man from Pakistan warned me to not get involved. He warned me it is dangerous, “You do not understand. I can’t change my religion in my national identity, some extremist might kill me or hurt me badly! And no law can protect me. I see objections in Islam! So many things are wrong in it and u can’t even question about it. If u question about it u r no longer be alive! That’s why I want to move from here! And want to go so where people can listen to my voice. And respect my thoughts and thinking.”

He begged me to not write in a way that may cause my danger. I weighed my own life and then I weighed my own death before I wrote this. I thought about the power of words and the ripples of action that are born from them. I thought about all of the world’s great civil leaders and then I considered my own assassination. Then I considered worse, the annihilation of the people I love.

Americans are not afraid to die for love. Some of us grumble when we send our troops to fight and die in wars that we would not choose. Yet, we keep sending our people to die to help your people. Why do think that is? We love you. That is the truth of our America. America loves the whole world. WE THE PEOPLE. We want to help the world be the best world and that is not a secular belief. We make room for every religion, every soul, every heart, every human, and we do so with love, when we can trust in it. Can we trust in love?

Trust and survival are delicate natures. I began this article by mentioning the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan. I knew nothing of her until today. Benazire Bhotto was the first woman Prime Minister until she was blown up by a bomb in a planned attack. Her father was also killed, before her, and by hanging. A scion of the politically powerful Bhutto family, she was the eldest daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a former prime minister himself who founded the centre-left Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

I know this thanks to GOOGLE. I also know that after completing her early education in Pakistan, Benazire Bhotto pursued her higher education in the United States. From 1969 to 1973 she attended Radcliffe College at Harvard University, where she obtained a BA with cum laude honours in comparative government.[12]She was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa.[11] Bhutto later called her time at Harvard “four of the happiest years of my life” and said it formed “the very basis of her belief in democracy”. Later in 1995 as Prime Minister, she arranged a gift from the Pakistani government to Harvard Law School.[13]

I am able to learn a lot from the internet. I am able to learn the most by talking to people in private. I asked one Pakistan man to tell me what he knows of Benazire Bhotto. He wrote, “Pakistan is a poor country 60% of population lives below the poverty. People like her and his father looted Pakistan a lot! It’s not just her ! Other political people did the same with country and still doing it. Properties and tax money of the people. They use tax money of Pakistani people and buy houses in Europe and America and by island in Atlantic and other places. They brought big hotels in Dubai and other places. Her own village goes into flood every year when summer comes ! Because of river level rise up because of snow melting on the mountains. It happening since last 50 years and government never work over it. If they make the river banks strong and it save people. Country like Usa and UK will stop giving aid to Pakistan..”

I stopped him there and asked, “How are relations with the USA now? Are we providing aid?”

He was thankful, “Yes USA is the only country in the world who support Pakistan in every way! People like me don’t like because we want government to be such strong that it don’t need aid from other. Because aid is good but it makes Pakistan week. We are fighting war on terrorism since 11 years..”

I am also fighting terrorism. ME. This ordinary American girl. ME. I care to help and I am not afraid of dying. When I think about people trying to kill me it does not make me afraid. It makes me angry. It makes me angry because I am an amazingly beautiful soul who has spent her life making people smile. . I am a woman who has been beaten and kicked and discarded and yet I am still faithful. I am still faithful to love. War is not beautiful. It is bodies torn apart. It is minds that are turned to morbid mush. It is men that live to return home to families they can not relate to. It is women who are left forever with broken hearts. I am a mother. I am a mother to this earth and I will die to protect every soul that is vulnerable and most of us are. I am deeply and feverishly sorry for all of the misunderstanding that still exists in the world. It doesn’t need to be. WE THE PEOPLE… The people who choose love. We always win. Even if evil comes to take us all at once… we will still win. We will win because a world without good people is a world with nothing left worth having. Evil will be the be the next to go. It will feast on itself because void is the nature of nuclear devastation.

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