amber garibay

Tonight was the first republican debate. I decided I must be a republican because I am a fiscal conservative.

I am watching the debate and I am bothered. Can’t we just erase everything and start over? Why are smart people so stupid? They say the system is broken while they work the system? Ben Carson doesn’t think we are stupid. He thinks we are too progressive? I don’t agree. I think we are too stupid to keep up with our own progress.

Have you ever visited a government agency website? They are archaic and nearly impossible to navigate. Why is it that our top elected officials can not even handle the basics of proper staffing? A poorly executed website is abhorrent in this tech era. We have the best and the brightest minds creating an interweb of data and no one has the mind to connect the right people to the right shot at happiness. There should be apps made for everything.

This is the knowledge era. Do you want to know the worst thing about knowledge? Most of what we learn we forget. The United States of America is a perfect example. When I was in the third grade, I spent an entire quarter memorizing all of the states and all of the capitals. The same was true of history. I was made to cram names into my head, of people, places, and circumstance that meant nothing to me. They made me memorize American heroes my culture chose to villainize later, when we grew “wiser.” It was knowledge not applicable to real life. Or was it? I can’t really say. I will tell you that I can’t recite most of what I learned in primary school. I can tell you what I have learned about life.

Do you want to know what you do to escape a system that is broken? You abandon it. That is why America has an immigration problem. People want to come here because we are a beacon of hope. Donald Trump wants to build a giant wall. How are we going to pay for that mastermind dud of an idea. Maybe we should have China fund it because from what I understand we already owe China more money than we actually have or is that just a rumor comparable to Trump’s financial success? Trump owns a tower in Vegas called Mirage. Unless I am mistaken?

America wants to know the ugly truth. They want people to say what won’t be said. Who cares about abortion? Let’s start there. We the WOMEN people took ownership of our vaginas back when we burned our bras. The ruling stand with Roe V. Wade. These republican dicks keep calling themselves PRO LIFE. Newsflash. Our planet is dying because people are greedy and business rules above all else. Why are we arguing about saving fetuses when we can’t feed the people who lived to make it through the vagina? Abortion is a woman’s natural selection. Get over it. DICK.

Planned Parenthood. We have Obamacare now. This means we get free birth control from more than one source if we are too poor to afford it. We do not need to fund plural programs. We need to downsize and make our systems run more efficiently.

We can fix our broken systems, starting with healthcare. Healthcare is NOT health. It is treating broken systems. People will pay every red cent they have to save a life that is dying, but no one has the state of mind, the right of mind, to promote a system that frees people from the financial burden of needing to save themselves. My thought, If we are getting to them while they are at death’s door we are already too late. When I am president I will eliminate healthcare. I will create an agency called wellness. It will teach people how to be well.

Ben Carson, again speaking in the debate, which is on while I type in my fury and I am PISSED. He starts the debate in quiet hush. Saying he’s being discreet because he knows the world is watching and then twenty minutes later he’s talking about how much our US military is depleted. If a terrorist is watching do you think they think we are more easily defeated? Thanks a bunch for pointing out that we are not ready for a fight or are we?

I am ready for a fight. My justice is fair, much like it was in the old west days. I will ask the question, “Do you wish to kill me?” If the answer is “Yes,” I will ask you, “Are you sure I can’t talk you out of it?” If the answer is “No” I will put a bullet in your head and then I will go to the bar. I will then order myself a stiff drink, while I scroll through Facebook for something more positive than the harsh of what life can be. There are people in the world who want death and destruction. I would give it to them simply. I do not believe in war.

People speak about the truth like the world is hiding something. The truth is obvious. Our planet is running out of time and I simply can not sit here on my couch wishing I had arrows to shoot at my television screen. For the record, I am deeply sorry for Cecil and the plight of our world’s animals. Elephants will soon be gone as well thanks to dick head business men.

Chase A. Norton asked about GOD on Facebook. He wanted to know if the republicans have received a special message from GOD to guide them on their campaigns. Yes, the answer is that we do not need a miracle. We need to understand that Armageddon is a device of our own creation. We do not need to succumb to mass destruction. He did not want us to give up on the life he blessed us with for the next hope of something better. He wanted us to figure out his true message. He wants us to love the world and it is that love that will save us all.

Money holds no value. People are the wealth of nations and the innovation of those people is creation. Look at the world around you. Look at all of the astounding things that people make with their minds, with their hands. We are all moved separately, but we are moved. Each of us who is here has a purpose. Why are we not putting our focus on nurturing that?

How many of you our there feel like you are just going through the motions of life? You are doing what you are supposed to do. You have good days, You have bad days, but life is, when you describe it, “Just OK.” I stop to talk to most everyone I can and I am floored by how many people have absolutely no direction for themselves. I ask them, “What do you want to do for your future. What makes you happy?” and they blink at me like I am a shiny bright light they can’t make sense of. Then I get the shoulder shrug. “I don’t know. I guess I will go to college someday.”

Why? Why go to college without vision for your future? To rack up more debt? Are we telling our young people the truth about college debt? Are we telling them that if they choose to graduate with loans that they may just enslaved themselves to a job they hate for the term of life or bankruptcy. Are student loans forgiven by bankruptcy? Will someone please ask the Donald that question for me? While you are at it will you please ask him if I should invest in is multi-level marketing company ACN. It could be a pyramid scheme. I am not sure who to trust anymore.

Wait. I stand corrected. I trust myself and that is the exact reason I want to run for president. Thank you for your vote.

May Your day be filled with smiles,
Amber Garibay

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