Focus. Focus. Focus. I have so much to do, so much I need to do, that I feel frozen. Where and how do I a start? You would think that after ten years of running my own business I would have a neatly organized system to keep me in line and on track with my goals…

I do have a system. It’s called BRAIN DUMP. I wake up each morning with a head that is constipated. I can’t do anything besides drink coffee until I clear my head of all it is filled with. I make a simple list. Here, let me show you. This is what my mind is boggled with now.

brain dump

  1. Kati and Larry wedding 3:00. Check on shipment. Confirm. Slideshow.
  2. Sara 11 am tomorrow. Finalize and confirm.
  3. Taxes- late take the time Amber
  4. Bank- accounting
  5. Gym- Go as soon as you are done with this. You keep putting it off. #TeamErin
  6. Gift Certificates- Anna and Emily- Process and confirm
  7. Out of asthma meds. Need to schedule with doctor.
  8. 3:30 photo shoot Friday with Gina baby. Confirm
  9. Daphne need to schedule
  10. wedding album design- 10 hours Jenny and Dean
  11. Jenny and Dean wedding… deadline approaching. 20 hours full production
  12. Slideshow Jaime and Jesse. Send family picture… wooden thumb drive… check status
  13. Woods shipment arriving. Sort, Package, deliver today.
  14. Proofing orders TWO in line for immediate. Sara Mikael
  15. Jarman portrait order- Edit email to confirm revision
  16. Need to line up an assistant for Sunday Photoshoot
  17. Nguyen order: FINISH TODAY and touch base
  18. Slideshow- Emily
  19. Website- Need to resign my splash page
  20. Letter of intent and confirmation to LUFC.
  21. Blogging position… send resume
  22. Tuesday next week. Confirm appointment with writer Kathy E. Gill
  23. Writing lead- follow up with Char’s grandmother
  24. PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHT- need to fix TODAY
  25. Rubber chicken tank top and tees
  26. Christine.. touch base. Her appointment is coming up for the girls
  27. Amber K… plans Friday?
  28. Seahawks play tomorrow. #bluefriday #12
  29. What do we have for food?
  30. Touch base with Sapphire. She is coming home today. When?
  31. Burgie.. call him before it is too late..
  32. REBATE- mail the rebate for the computer before it is no longer an option
  33. Read for twenty minutes
  34. Monday morning teeth cleaning… 11am? Confirm and time block for travel.
  35. Brenda. Touch base and make plans.
  36. Nails with Emily #Jamberry
  37. laundry- I need clean clothes. What am I wearing today and when.
  38. Clean Photography studio. Prep for appointments.
  39. Oxygen Magazine Fitness Challenge. #remember
  40. Set up meeting with Zarak
  41. Kristin V- set up a tea date
  42. Tara… her wedding is coming up. Touch base. Send love.
  43. Amber Gold. I missed her birthday. I suck
  44. Ivy Keep Collective
  45. Mikeal Friday 6pm Confirm and proof.
  46. Sync Calendar
  47. FIVVR outsource editing
  48. Michelle M- Wedding Flowers. Set up a meeting
  49. Birthdays… Josh and Kai
  50. Dad- pay him half of what is owed.
  51. Bills. What is due?
  52. I need to clean the kitchen.
  53. I need to eat.
  54. Direct Selling education videos. Listen to them while you edit.
  55. Why do I feel like I am forgetting something?
  56. Oh yeah.. I need to write a blog about being a faceblind artist.


After I create my brain dump list I cab further organize the structure by using a process called time blocking. I will admit that I do not often make a time block plan. I find that when I do something always comes up to alter the planned course. I prefer to save myself the time. I scan my brain dump list instead, tackling the easiest things first, so that I can have more to cross off as success.


amber garibay

About the author: #AmberGaribay

Amber has been a professional photographer for more than a decade.

She owns and is the creative force of A Smile Like Yours Photography,

in the smallish town of Lacey, Washington.

Amber is also an investor. She is currently involved in two direct selling businesses:



Amber is also a social media savant, though her etiquette is a bit compulsive.

She uses Facebook like a Twitter feed. Feel free to send her a friend request.

Facebook is her vision board. By vision, she means to make $10 million.


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