lady 5

She writes: “I am disappointed that there are not very many attractive men. Online dating is like scrolling through the mug shots of serial killers.”

He writes…”Well u found me in all the mess lol I’ll be ur needle in the hay stack.”

She writes: “You think you are cute? I messaged you because your grammar is on point. I thought to myself… self.. this guy seems like he is more smarter than the rest.”

He writes: “Haha oh is that so so ur saying my grammar ascertained ur attention.”

She writes: “No.. I am saying that you are a pretty package with not much to offer… or so I have ascertained thus far.”

He writes: “I don’t have much to offer? What does that mean”

She writes: “It means I thought you were attractive until I read your haphazard reply. I know that it is odd, but I can’t stand how few people actually write real words and full sentences. I understand that this is online dating, but it speaks to character and attention to detail. Maybe I am wrong about you?”

He writes: “Well actually I pay attention to detail to a flaw probably. When I complete a task I over achieve always. When i hear or see something I notice all the small details, and pit tho he together. I also notice change to a flaw. Now when it comes to character I’m honest, upfront always, faithful, caring, protective, and I have southern manners, which are the best kind to have. I call everyone sir or ma’am. I’d give a friend the shirt off my back. And most of all I’m loyal.”

She writes: “You are a Capricorn right? Yes, I believe you. Thank you for taking the time to reply with this detail. I appreciate that. You notice flaws… what can you tell me about mine based on my profile?”

He writes: “Well I wouldn’t say that notice flaws but I do pay attention to detail, the one flaw I would say that you have on your pof profile is the poem. Most guys won’t even look for one, and second do not want a chick that is intellectually driven. Most guys on here I’m sure want to find the easy yes versus the benefit of working for something and taking the time. You profile screams I’m not ur average online whore, I know what I want, and I’m going to take my time finding it.”

She writes, “Indeed, I am transparent then. Good. I have plenty of time and options are glorious fun. Luck be a lady tonight.”

feeling fabulous at A Smile Like Yours Photography.

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