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7:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I’ve got laundry going. I confirmed my nine o’clock meeting. I let the dogs out before they could pee on the carpet and I have coffee to fuel my DO NOW list.

Business is good. Really good. So good that I have people I have not gotten back to and I feel pressed to be the best for them. Brianne McMurray is on my mind. She wrote on my wall yesterday, “You shine bright like a diamond my friend. I love everything about you!”

I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for the good people in my life. There are still so many GOOD people in a world that sometimes feels hopeless…

This morning my heart is filled with so much joy that it is hard for me to imagine that people suffer. Except we do. I opened the first article that appeared in my feed this morning. I chose the NEW YORK TIMES to read. it was an article about soldiers committing suicide. Not an upbeat thing to read. I read it because people need other people to care about their story, their lives. I care. I care deeply. I am sorry that this is happening. Any sorrow. All sorrow.

I’ve been making a lot of friends on Facebook these past weeks. I have a lot of new friends from Pakistan. This makes me laugh and smile at once because the friend requests came pouring in after I stated that I wanted to know. “I do not know very much about your country. Can you tell me? I want to learn.”

Then came the fear and propaganda. “Don’t believe anything you read. It’s all LIES!!!!!!”

I smile and laugh. People are terrible liars. That is the truth about scandal. You just need to open your eyes and SEE what is real. It can’t be hidden long. We are not lemmings.

I am not moving fast enough to keep up with my competition. Kayne West is running for president in 2020. F*ck THAT! He won’t have a chance against me. ;):) ‪#‎vote4Pedro‬

That is what I am thinking now at 7:47 am. I am thinking that I need to shower. I need to brush my teeth. I need to get ready for that meeting and take time to prepare for the next one after….

amber garibay


war vet

In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another


war vet 2

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