Hello Kayla,

I am writing you a blog instead of an email because the things I want to share with you I would do so publicly. Blogging is a great way to work your business and YOU are already a business woman. I am thrilled that you decided to become a Mary Kay consultant. I will make sure to tell all of my friends about your business.

Direct selling is an industry that has been around for quite some time, but most recently it’s become a trend of gaining popularity. I suspect that the change is in direct result of social media and the ability to market to people from the comfort and safety of home. These businesses are especially great for stay at home moms. Moms like ME 🙂 Moms like YOU:)


website 3

I decided to invest in Jamberry as a business and I became a consultant two months ago. The business starter kit was $125 with sales tax. This is what is came with…



Should you join Jamberry and become a consultant yourself? Maybe not…

I became a consultant because I am already in business and the opportunity allows me another great product to offer my clients base. There was also no risk of losing money on my investment. I figured.. Why not?

$200 a month is a good why not. Consultants are required to have $200 in sales each month in order to remain active:

At the beginning of each calendar month Consultants begin with the status of “In Progress” until they achieve 200 Personal Retail Volume (PRV). Once Consultants reach 200 PRV, they are considered Active and are eligible to receive any earned commissions from their downline, fast-start bonuses, matching advancement bonuses, or generational overrides. If Consultants have not achieved active status during a calendar month, they will remain as “In Progress” status. “In Progress” Consultants will not be eligible to receive any downline commissions, bonuses, or overrides. These Consultants will receive personal retail commissions from their personal and customer purchases.



If you love Jamberry nails and would like to earn free product you should try hostessing a Jamberry party!!! We can set you up to earn rewards through online purchases and live party purchases. This is a great first step to explore the business more, especially if you are seeing the opportunity. You are smart to recognize the potential with this company. There are MANY!!

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I am here to answer any questions you may have and to help you place an order!

My Best With Smiles,

Amber Garibay



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