There is this show we started watching together… HOUSE OF CARDS.
Kevin Spacey is one of the main characters and the writing is BRILLIANT. The show starts out by him saying that he “loves his wife like a shark loves blood in water.” If you watch the series you can tell that he means it. He loves his wife. He is attentive, but beyond that, the two of them are so tied, so connected, that you can feel they are soul mates. They move together intuitively.
Then the plot thickens… Enters a much younger, smart and sassy woman….
Enters a dashing man with grit and an artists soul.. a former lover.
I am sitting there with my ex-boyfriend. We are snuggled on the couch. “I hope they do not cheat on each other.” We both say it at the same time. We like the married couple. We do not want anything to destroy what they have. We can see that it is special and different. Irreplaceable even.
My ex looks at me and he says, “You know they are going to cheat. The tension is building between the characters.”
Indeed he was right…They both began to tangle with temptation. Husband AND Wife.
It is interesting though. It was interesting because she knew immediately when her husband started his affair and he knew immediately when she started hers. The question they had for each other, unspoken, is and still is, “Does this change things and for how long…”

affiar 2

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