SHOP KEEP COLLECTIVE WITH AMBER GARIBAY: I wear this bracelet to remind myself to #SMILE


Live happy. Yes, I am living that life. I’m glad this morning…

I am glad that I decided to become a jewelry designer with KEEP COLLECTIVE. My businesses make people happy, they provide gifts to make people ‪#‎smile‬

If you have not heard of KEEP previously I completely understand why you wouldn’t yet. KEEP launched its line not even two years back, starting with a pilot or test run. The results were…. LOVE!!! Women fell in love with these high style charm bracelets and the results have been wildfire success.

You know when people say things like… “You need to join in the beginning to be really successful…?”


Well, I would argue that success breeds success, except the point I am really trying to make is this: I joined KEEP Collective in the beginning. It’s still exciting and new. Something fresh to be inspired with. You can be inspired too.

Someone told me the other day… “I do not wear jewelry. I am a mom with three kids. I do not have any reason to dress up.”

I laughed because I relate. “I am not much of a jewelry girl myself. I do not wear earrings. I enjoy necklaces if I am not wearing yoga pants. I am a super casual person. Practical.”

On the other hand…

I still like to look polished and put together. I deserve to have and wear things that make me feel special, that remind me I am a woman. I am really into the bracelets for that reason. Though the necklaces and earring extremely popular.

I am a mother who puts everyone else first because that is what makes me happy. KEEP doesn’t let that happen anymore. I found a business that rewards me for being stylish and dressing to impress my best self. I get paid to be be social and wear pretty things. How freaking cool is this lavish life!!!

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I am not a frumpy housewife!!!

I am living a happy life, a deserving life, a smiling life.

I wear this bracelet to remind myself of that.

Do you want this bracelet?

Order it here.



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