the night sky

There is something you should know about Capricorns. We are favored by good fortune. My own fate is set by duality. I was also born in the year of the fire dragon. January 11, 1977. It is a day of marked history, just as today was always meant to be the day that changed things forever.

I called my dad as I was driving. “I think I need a nap,” I said as I felt my head cave. I was a hollow hole bottomed out on empty in the middle of the day. I was suddenly so tired that I wanted reason to sleep for years. “I’m craving wine,” I admitted as I forced myself to purge past groggy. I shook my head as if my neck could knock some sense into my energy. The jarring force held my attention alert during the severity of the motion, but still was the longing of my soul until I felt my lids grow heavy as I mumbled into the phone. “I read somewhere that the body craves sugar when it needs rest. I bet that is why I want to drink right now. It’s the sugar.”

My dad does not drink. Ever. If I have a glass of wine he thinks I am failing. There’s just no need to mess with it. This is how my dad explained his position.  I remember the day, the red of his eyes. My father is a beast by explanation. There is no eloquence. His delivery is a the butcher of political correctness. Why should he care to be correct in political fashion when politicians are crooks and heathens. This is what my father told me as he dug in deep with the truth. He said, “Here’s the thing you need to know about people. People like to get high. All of us. Every single person there is. Most people think of high like a drug, but it’s bigger than that. Be careful when you pick your poison because they are not all equal. Some of them will kill you. Booze for example, and cigarettes. People drop like flies on that stuff. Watch. Pay attention. If you want to get high smoke weed.”

Yes, my dad is a pot smoker. Don’t tell anyone though. It’s none of your business. I can hear my father chastising me for writing about him. I would be ashamed of speaking so candidly if it didn’t serve a purpose. My father’s choices helped mold the liberal that I am. This is an irony because my dad is also staunchly conservative, and private. Please understand that pot smokers are persecuted by the law, as it has been the law for all of my life with him.

I think that he imagines that the new legality is a farce to expose all of those in hiding. How many pot smokers are there? I couldn’t say. Most people are private. I respect that.


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