What to expect:

1) I have thirty-two families to email digital images to. This process will take the entire day. You will get a personal phone call from me to touch base about your order. I will start making phone calls at 9am and I will start with the clients who paid and ordered packages. All orders will be complete with arrangements made for pick-up by midnight tonight.

2) THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRINT ORDER!! I am expecting my shipment to arrive today by 5pm. It will then take me several hours to sort, package, and frame. If you ordered a package or print THANK YOU! We will schedule your pick-up appointment as soon as we have pictures in hand and ready to distribute.

3) Your personal online gallery will only include the images and poses you selected. We will post and message you a link for you to share with friends and family.

4) Yes! You are welcome to order more Santa pictures. We will keep theses images on file until January 2016. 360.701.9204 Please be in touch. We are here to help you place an order.

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