Many of you are probably now familiar with the Syrian refugee crisis:

More than four million refugees of the Syrian Civil War have left the country during the course of the war. Most of them fled to neighboring Turkey,[81][82] Lebanon, Jordan,[83] and Iraq,[84] while thousands also ended up in more distant countries of the Caucasus, the Persian Gulf, North Africa and Europe. As of December 2015, Turkey was the world’s biggest refugee hosting country with close to 2.5 million Syrian refugees; the nation had spent more than 8 billion Euros since 2011 on direct assistance to them according to estimates by Turkish Ministry of Education deputy secretary Yusuf Büyük.[85]

Terrorism, I did not know much about Syria until terrorism brought it to the forefront.  Please understand that I make it a point not to worry about the entire world and its quarrels. It takes all the energy I have just to navigate my own life without being smooshed like a bug. We live in a society where money is king and that all mighty dollar keeps getting higher and higher until who can reach it? I am focused on what I can control and what I can control is in front of me. I can not stop the war in Syria. I can not stop the bombings and the death. I can stop the children from becoming corpses and the parents from crying as they cradle their tiny little heads smeared with blood…


What kind of ‘All American Girl’ am I when I see the world this way? What kind of joy can I know when for some hope truly is lost. There is no DISNEYLAND. There is no, “If you dream it you can do it.”

There is hunger. I sat and watched a video the other day. It was of little children sucking on bags of salt. There were in a hospital in Syria. There were caring people there but no supplies. There were only spices left.

Imagine your own child trapped that way. Imagine watching your baby starve in front of you until their flesh turns to a carcass in front of you, pick clean by internal feeding.

I leave my house each day and I know that people are not thinking about the these things.

Everyone is busy, “Taking care of our own.”


I am plagued by a problem that I could not find a solution for.

I found one. I found a way I can help. In my own way.

I can help the people in Syria. #Feedhope. I created my first charity based KEEP COLLECTIVE MYSTERY HOSTESS CAMPAIGN.

I was inspired to use the tools I have in front of me. I am a small business owner, a photographer of twelve years, A Smile Like Yours Photography of Lacey, Washington.

I am also a lead jewelry designer with #KEEPCOLLECTIVE.  Keep is truly special to me because it will allow me to raise money to donate to help the people of Syria and beyond. I am scouting the following to donate to:


This is what I did.

  • I designed a Keep bracelet tonight. Designers with Keep have a Mock-up tool in their designer lounge. I was able to create a bracelet on behalf of this charitable campaign, MY charitable campaign. I will be donating half of the money I earn as a designer, from this particular social, to one of the rescue organizations above. MY OWN PERSONAL MONEY 🙂 With YOUR HELP and…. The Mystery Hostess winner will having the honor of selecting the charity from above list 🙂
  • feed hope

    Double Keeper shown in pebbled chestnut and black/reversible. Geo key letters and a HOPE key charm adorn the top portion of the band. A Round TimeKey in Pave Gold completes this look. You are right on time @ $175.00

  • THIS IS HOW YOU HELP ME #FEEDHOPE. This is how you help me STOP HUNGER. I am going to post a link directly below. If you would like to help me raise money to help one of these organizations please click the link below and order yourself a piece of jewelry. You can order anything you like and it will count to help this campaign. Your are also welcome to order the same bracelet I ordered for myself in tribute:
feed hope w o timep

Double Keeper Shown in Pebbled chestnut and black/reversible. Geo letters and a hope key. This look is affordable @ $100.



The key to changing the world for a greater good is to come together in a way that feeds hope. Your $50 Keep Key Fob purchase will help unlock boundaries and cure hunger.

Your choice of purchase will help,

  and if that is not reward enough


Do you see those REWARDS!?!?!?

Everyone who orders from this


will be entered to WIN THOSE REWARDS!!

This whole venture is a win on so many levels.

Your choice to purchase will….

You will help me build my KEEP business.

You will help raise $$$ for a charity  and you will be included in the choice of charity.

You will have your first KEEP COLLECTIVE treasured chamarmed life Keepsake, which you will wear with the honor of knowing you helped a greater good.

Thank you in advance and God Bless you,

Amber Garibay


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