I do not need a manager to ensure that I will accomplish what is asked. I do not hesitate to take action once I understand the needs of my client. I go above and beyond to deliver and I do so with expert precision.

I run my business as if I own the company because that is how I live my life. I take ownership of the outcome. I win because I deserve to, just as I am the best because I work at it. I am always engaged. There is no off switch. I create opportunity when it seems like there isn’t any. I am a problem solver, a closer, and expert at dispute resolution. I am blessed with a mind teeming with innovation and creativity. What I do not know yet I can learn. I will learn. I have so much to learn. I already know enough.


I know enough to understand that I will not win if I play the game like everyone else. I know this to be true because I watch everyone else. Their path is not mine. My path is set on $10 million. This is not a goal. This is an action. I take steps each day to move myself in that direction. How can I bootstrap that beginning? To what end?

The pyramids of Egypt were not built by one man. They were built on the backs of thousands of slaves with one man ruling them. I often wonder if the monuments could have risen with positive reinforcement. Would the people have all gladly put in the same kind of effort just to see the vision of creating something so magnificent come to life through the miracles of man? I also wonder why horses are whipped by riders to move them to run when horses run freely and with love. Is the whip really necessary?

I wonder these things as I crack my own whip. I am writing this now because I refuse to settle on any odds that are not winning. I am still working on that combination. I am still seeking out that team. Maybe you can help me find it.


Once upon a time in my adventurous meanings I stumbled upon an entrepreneurs organization in Seattle (EO). The goal of this networking group is to take businesses that are generating a half a million annually to the next level and beyond. The annual tuition was two grand if I do recall correctly. I couldn’t wait to find a way to generate the money on my own. I need a $500,000 business and another two grand to join the players club.

Now I am on a quest to find like-minded people. I am interested in connecting with businesses that are laser focused and ready to make real things happen now. I am aggressive and I do not want to apologize for it. I will relax after I am closer to comfortable. I am edgy because of the edge required. I am the queen of dragons in a game of thrones. If I want the seven kingdoms I will need to take them.

The life you live is a choice. What would you choose for yourself if you knew your own power? This quest is about the value of a challenge. Some people climb mountains. I work to build business. Social media marketing is my muse as it encompasses all of my strengths. I am an avid researcher and an adept writer. I am a customer care specialist and I know how to turn a lead into a sale. I am able to create and execute full marketing campaigns either on my own of often with the help of other professionals that I have been wise align with. My mentors are friends and my friends are mentors. I do not want to be the smartest in the room. Do I belong in yours? #AmberGaribay #asmilelikeyours #RUBBERROOSTERMEDIA

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