This morning I woke up to a message on Facebook. “I have been to the gym TWICE since I started. I need some motivational speaking.”

It’s ironic that she messaged me. I am writing now in wry amusement. I love that she thinks my words will inspire her to hit the gym when I myself can barely stomach going. The gym is something I think about before I reach for a glass of wine. The gym is something I promise myself will come later. “I will go first thing in the morning.” The gym is what I am avoiding now. Today is the morning I was planning to go. I won’t though. Maybe later. Right now I have business to attend to. Right now I have responsibilities. Right now I have bills to pay and deadlines. How’s that for a motivational flat line?

Guess what will happen later? I won’t feel like going to the gym and then I will run out of time. I know this as I am sitting here mapping out my day. It’s 8:43 now. I am sitting at my kitchen table which is cluttered with detail and TO DO. I can see a business card that says WELLNESS FIRST. Mr. Nat Jackson. I owe him my time and work. He placed a deposit to get the ball moving on establishing his social media presence. He hired me to optimize his visibility and streamline his content. He hired me to help spread his message. WELLNESS FIRST. Another irony as I neglect my own health.


My kitchen table is nearly as messy as my floor but it is clean compared to my counter. Last night’s dishes are piled in the sink. This morning’s coffee is now a litter of spoons left with containers open. We do not put anything away. We just leave it where it sits until I need to devote an entire day to salvage our sty back to a respectable home. My current condition is slovenly. I will go to the gym after I clean this place. Except, I have work to do. As in the kind of work that pays the bills. The kind I am already behind on.

I could have gone to the gym this morning but I chose to write this motivational blog instead. Another irony and more amusement. I just found a half eaten Snickers candy bar. Now I am trying to get the caramel out of my teeth. The best time to eat candy is for breakfast. I tell myself that as I eat last night’s candy. It was the very same night I promised myself that I would go. I will go to the gym. I will. I will go to the gym today.





    • I am glad you enjoyed reading Steve. The struggle is real and the dream is achievable. Have a beautiful day. I am grateful to be included in yours. Thank you for reading. Smiles-Amber

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