I could tell that he had issue with me by the expression on his face. I smiled at him, “Hello, How are you today?”

He did not smile back. He crossed his arms instead, widening his stance and the distance between us. “I am not happy with you. “He said finally.

The smile on my face went slack with indifference. How quickly things turned. I had wanted to help him previously and now…Now that had changed. Now I had nothing for him. He was unhappy with me and I was not bothered by it. Forgiveness was not something I needed from him. I asked for it anyway. “I am sorry that you are not happy with me. I did not reply to your email because I am currently overextended. I do hope you will understand and forgive me. I attend to my business in order of priority. I have deadlines I am attending to.”

He was understanding, even offering to help, but only after he made it clear that he wanted me to feel bad. “Please let me know if you need anything. I would be glad to help.” My reaction was sardonic so I swallowed it. I should have asked him to answer all of my emails but then what kind of reply could he have given himself and what does he know about the others? My plate is full and that is never a bad thing, unless of course you want to be invited to sit at a dinner table without enough chairs. He should have booked me sooner and cash is king.

My business and the ventures within are thriving, enough so that I cut the fat quickly. Moving forward to every YES that comes at the right time. I close the door to my office for a reason. It is my reason and my realm to rule. I am busy, busy enough that it is now time to  bring my assistant back on payroll. She will answer his email.

“Thank you for your interested in RUBBER ROOSTER MEDIA. We are currently booked until January of 2017 but are happy to announce that you CAN secure our services now. We would love to help your business. Please tell us more about you. Have you established your brand and is your message being heard? How many people know about the amazing that you are and do they know how to reach you? Do you have a team working to ensure that you are promoted and while your image is polished. Are your prospects being turned into cash value returns? Would you like our help with any of these things and when would you like to get started? How much have you budgeted in for marketing? Your success is important to us and we are glad to help. We look forward to your detailed reply and will be in touch to schedule a consultation.”












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